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What is the national emblem of Ireland? a) Clover b) Shamrock c) Leprechaun d) Blarney stone 2. What is the national flower of England? a) Dahlia b) Daffodil c) Tulip d) Rose What is the national flower of Wales? a) Daffodil b) Snowdrop c) Bluebell d) Tulip What is the national emblem of Scotland? a) Heather b) Rosemary c) Foxglove d) Thistle Which of the following is the capital city of Britain? a) Maidstone b) London c) Manchester d) Scotland Who is the current monarch? a) King George b) Queen Elizabeth I c) Queen Elizabeth II d) Queen Elizabeth III Which of the following is a well-known British food? a) Frogs legs b) Chicken c) Pasta d) Fish and Chips The highest point in the UK is.... a) Kinder Scout, England b) Snowdon, Wales c) Ben Nevis, Scotland d) Helvellyn, England Which of the following is not the patron saint of a UK country? a) St. Harry b) St. George c) St. Andrew d) St. David How many countries are there in the United Kingdom? a) 4 b) 3 c) 1 d) 2 Who is the current Prime Minister? a) Tony Adams b) Tony Blair c) John Frazer d) George Bush This man is a symbol of the British nation. His name is… a) Uncle Sam b) John Bull c) Winston Churchill d) Tony Blair The capital of Northern Ireland is a) Dublin b) Cardiff c) Belfast d) Blackpool The British flag is often called a) the Union Jack b) the Stars and Stripes c) the Maple Leaf d) the Beaver Ben Nevis is… a) a famous footballer b) a sort of juice с) mountain d) a sort of cheese The national currency of the UK is a) the euro b) the dollar c) the pound d) the rouble The mysterious Loch Ness Monster is from а) Wales b) Ireland c) Scotland d) England The Beatles started their career in а) London b) Liverpool c) Birmingham d) Cardiff The kilt is … a) shirt b) a skirt c) pair of trousers d) a pair of gloves The colour that represents Ireland is… а) green b) red c) yellow d) white Stonehenge is about ______ years old. а)40 b)400 c)4000 d)ten The part of the UK which is not presented in the Union Jack is a) England b) Scotland c) Wales d) Northern Ireland Which is Scotland's largest city? a) Dundee b) Inverness c) Glasgow d) Edinburgh The flag of which country features a dragon? a) Scotland b) England c) Wales d) Northern Ireland This university town is the location for Harry Potter's Hogwarts Hall. b) Bristol c) Bath d) Cambridge a) Oxford Who is the patron saint of Scotland? a) St. Patrick b) St. George c) St. Andrew d) St. David When visiting a house for the first time in the New Year (first footing) it is traditional to carry what in your hand? a) a cake b) a bottle of whisky c) a lump of coal d) apiece of cheese With which sport is Wimbledon associated? a) badminton b) tennis c) rugby d) golf The Channel Tunnel, linking the UK to the rest of Europe, runs between England and which country? a) France b) Germany c) Belgium d) Netherlands Where in London is Poet's Corner? a) St. James's Palace b) St. Paul's Cathedral c) Westminster Abbey d) Hyde Park When do children go "trick or treating"? a) July 4th b) April 1 st c) November 5th d) October 31 st

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