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Travel. Holidays. Hurray!We may choose the best trip way.We must start our happy flight.Could we enjoy all London sights? How can … ? How can we make an enjoyable journey? To improve EnglishTo visit a travel agencyTo plan the route and the tripTo pack a suitcaseTo learn new information www.learnenglishfeelgood.com Hurray! Blagoveschensk TIPS FOR TOURISTS LEAVING ABROAD TIPS FOR TOURISTS LEAVING ABROAD You should have an insurance policy, because your insurance company pays for you if you fall ill. TIPS FOR TOURISTS LEAVING ABROADIf you want to buy something, you should have currency on you. TIPS FOR TOURISTS LEAVING ABROADIf you don’t want to get into trouble, make sure you have a label on your luggage. A label with your contacts can help you get it back. TIPS FOR TOURISTS LEAVING ABROADA visa is the most essential thing, because you can’t enter the country without it. You mustn’t stay in the country longer than your visa allows. Have an enjoyable journey !

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