Хоw то маке чеесецакес бы анастасиа лебедева

Lebedeva Anastasia
Student of the 7th Form
Teacher – Baeva M.L.
Sch 629, MoscowHow to make cheesecakes.
It is time to say “Good bye” to winter and meet spring. It is time for a spring festival – Shrovetide! It is a Russian holiday.
How do Russian people celebrate this holiday? First of all, they have a lot of fun! Then they cook special food for this holiday, which symbolizes the sun – pancakes. After a festive week the Lent comes.
But I like to eat cheesecakes. I know that people in Britain and America do not cook this dish. And I want to tell them my recipe.
The recipe:
You need some ingredients.
Ingredients: cottage cheese - 0.5 kg, one egg, 1 PC sugar, 2 tablespoons of flour, 1 glass of sunflower oil for frying and cooking pancakes with cottage cheese.

First, we need to put the cheese in a bowl in which we are going kneading dough for pancakes. Then mash the cheese with a fork several minutes to no large lumps.

2. Added to the cream cheese and sugar and stir thoroughly.

Add an egg to the cream cheese and sugar. Again stir the resulting cottage cheese weight.

Now add to the curd mix one tablespoon of flour (the rest use to roll in curd). Very thoroughly mixed. The dough for pancakes is ready!

The rest of the flour pour on a separate plate. Form the cake of the round form and put it on a plate with flour. Better to cheesecakes were not too high: fry them to get better. The fact that in the pan high product very quickly roasts and middle can be grilled no time.

6. Take the cake flour from all sides. Now you are ready to fry!

On the hot pan, pour sunflower oil and spread formed cheesecakes. Fry products on both sides until they become golden brown.

Delicious cottage cheese pancakes ready!
Serve them with sour cream.

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