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How to make small talk The presentation is made by Rodion Krivotulov &Galina Shukman Tutor: Krivotulova Elena Mikhailovna Small talk is a casual form of conversation that “breaks the ice” or fills an awkward silence between people. Who? What? Where? When? Why? WHO makes small talk? People with many different relationshipswho do not know each other at allpeople who are only acquaintances -“friend of a friend”Office employees who may not be good friends but work in the same department WHAT do people make small talk about? The weatherThe foodCurrent eventsThe news, sports news, entertainment news Likes and dislikes Family affairs Country matters Showing interest Back to business Forbidden topics personal information as salaries or a recent divorce something (good or bad) about a person’s body Negative comments Private issues Religion or politics WHERE do people make small talk? At the office At a social eventOut for a walkWaiting somewhere WHEN do people make small talk? first time you see or meet someone on a given dayduring a break ina meeting or presentation when there is nothing important WHY do people make small talk? to break an uncomfortable silence.simply to fill time in order to be polite Small Talk Is for Small Minds. Think About it. Talk Deeply, Be Happy? The Fine Art of Small Talk Engage anyone in conversation with poise and confidence Revive a dying conversationCome across as composed and self-assured when talking to people or entertaining clients at conventions, trade shows, and other work related functionsBecome an "active" listenerOvercome communication barriersHandle awkward situationsCome up with topics to discussAvoid conversation "killers"Develop business friendshipsPrepare for successful conversationRemember names and use them properlyExit conversations with tact, with graceFeel more at ease at parties, banquets, receptions, and networking events "A mixture of stand-up comic, therapist and teacher." « Every conversation is an opportunity for success » Debra Fine

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