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@@ “How to plan a foreign holiday” Prepared by the students of the 9th grade Gridneva Anastasiya, Kalyakin Ivan Contents I. From the history of tourism. Statistics and rankings. II. Development of foreign travel in Russia. III. Planning your journey. IV. How to choose a travel agency. V. Where to go? - Medical tourism - Learning foreign language - Couch surfing - Having some sunshine VI. Finding a hotel - Hotel types - Room categories - What questions to ask at a hotel VII. How to get to your destination - by air -by railroad -by bus VII. Tips on avoiding heath problems - take any medicines - go to see your doctor - go to see your dentist - use bottled water - be careful with the following foods - use sun creams Contents I. From the history of tourism This chapter tells us why people travel. It can be out of curiosity , to see new lands, learn new languages, to enjoy your holiday. People have been travelling since the time of the Roman Republic, but the word tourism appeared in 1811. Only the rich could afford it in the past. Nowadays many people can travel. World tourism statistics and rankings 1 Europe 79.3 million 81.9 million 78.9 million 2 North America 58.0 million 56.0 million 51.0 million 3 Europe 57.3 million 58.7 million 58.2 million 4 Asia 53.0 million 54.7 million 49.9 million 5 Europe 42.7 million 43.7 million 41.1 million 6 Europe 30.2 million 30.9 million 30.7 million 7 Europe 25.4 million 23.1 million 18.9 million 8 Europe 25.0 million 22.2 million 18.9 million 9 Europe 24.9 million 24.4 million 23.5 million 10 North America 22.6 million 21.4 million 21.4 million [edit]International tourism receipts Development of foreign travel in Russia Mass foreign tourism in Russia is comparatively young. Russians have started travelling widely in the 90ies. It all began with Turkey and Egypt. Now our citizens have started to explore far more exotic places. аಢᰈਂіXǯЂឨΊ…‡їƿǖǿ̿쎀οText Box 8ਰমኅྠPྟྡྪЙྦрǔːϰԐӀҲᰆ਀Јfƀǻї䄄섅Ŀƿǿ̿쎀(οpriboj i chajki.mp3଀开敲獬ⸯ敲獬콬櫁ッ،ﯠ瑠鑟僮裆寓힡㻒놀쒕똬撌柭橺軇䤿괧⍦죑싙僁ᳶ鹢尭윯ྷ娰๝ᙌꑮᡰ彟㎆꺭邶넮榨噊䬋儓䋽槉藇魲ⱌ헉쩖얌⿹ğ牟汥⽳爮汥偳ŋⴂ᐀؀ࠀ℀㐀ꬃ쏐�ༀ܀搀獲搯睯牮癥砮汭䭐؅·˷ZᕲᘲĚXு`န$࿱܀Ą》࿲࿳壿》Hᰋఀѓ0ƁࠀƃࠀƓ龎‹Ɣ뷞hƿǿ̄̿ PྟྡྪЙྦрǔːϰԐӀҲᰆ਀Јfƀǻї䄄섅Ŀƿǿ̿쎀(οpriboj i chajki.mp3଀开敲獬ⸯ敲獬콬櫁ッ،ﯠ瑠鑟僮裆寓힡㻒놀쒕똬撌柭橺軇䤿괧⍦죑싙僁ᳶ鹢尭윯ྷ娰๝ᙌꑮᡰ彟㎆꺭邶넮榨噊䬋儓䋽槉藇魲ⱌ헉쩖얌⿹ğ牟汥⽳爮汥偳ŋⴂ᐀؀ࠀ℀㐀ꬃ쏐�ༀ܀搀獲搯睯牮癥砮汭䭐؅·˷ZᕲᘲĚXு`န$࿱܀Ą》࿲࿳壿》Hᰋఀѓ0ƁࠀƃࠀƓ龎‹Ɣ뷞hƿǿ̄̿ Development of foreign travel in Russia III. Planning your journey journey Money on the road Budgeting for your trip Travel insurance Traveling safely Booking tickets Deciding on the dates Travel partners Packing for your trip IV. How to choose a travel agency It’s a very important stage of your plan. Again, we’ve given you a few tips on how to choose anagency:-decide why you want to go abroad-how much you are ready to spend-ask your friends, browse the Internet and make a listof agencies-when you come over to the agency ask as manyquestions as you can imagine; ask to provide you withleaflet, brochures and directions-ask for a sample contract to take home- if you are satisfied with this agency, sign the contract The most reliable agencies You need to contact the tour agency for select a hotel. Agency will help you choose your hotel when you provide the amount, will find the most suitable hotel where you will be comfortable. In Russia and in Moscow there are many reliable agencies. The most famous are: Tez tour Coral travel GTI Pegas Capital tour V. Where to go Your destination will depend on the purpose of theholidays. It may be:- having some sunshine relaxation (Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain…)‏- medical tourism (Israel- the Dead Sea Cuba- fine reputation of Cuban doctors China- Traditional Chinese Medicine Czech Republic- spas Germany- advanced technologies)Learning languagesCouch surfing- comparatively new term; It‘s Internet based hospitality service; people get in touch through the Internet and provide their guests with a place to sleep VI. Finding a hotel We give advice on types of hotels and room types.Hotels can be: 6 stars( in UAE)‏ 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star De Lux(4-5*)‏ cat A (3-4*)‏ cat B (2-3*)‏ cat C (2-1*)‏ HV1 (Club hotel 3-4*)‏ HV2 (Club hotel is much worse than HV1) Hostels‏ VI. Finding a hotel Room categories: STD - (standart) BDR, BDRM - (bedroom)‏ Family room Extra bed ‏ Suite (living room and bedroom)‏ Business (big room with office equipment)‏ Honeymoon room Connected rooms Duplex President VI. Finding a hotel What questions to ask at a hotel: Does the room have a shower / a bath? Does the room have air conditioning? Is there a safe deposit box in the room? Is there television in the room? Is there a telephone in the room? Are local calls free? Is there a restaurant in the hotel? Can I get Internet access in the hotel? Is there a swimming pool in the hotel? Are pets allowed in the hotel? Does the hotel provide a shuttle bus to the airport? Do I need to reserve a seat on the bus in advance? VII. How to get to your destination We consider advantages of different types of travel and look at what to do and where to go at the airport step by step. Registration and pre-flight control Registration Customs control VII. How to get to your destination Passport control Item control security After registration VII. How to get to your destination Boarding Arrival at the airport and getting luggage VII. How to protect your health In this chapter we give advice how to protect your health:-get information about the country-sometimes it’s a good idea to be vaccinated (for India,African countries)‏-consult your doctor if you have some health problems-get medical insurance-take a small first aid kit -in some countries (Egypt, in Africa, South America)‏Don’t drink tap water or eat raw vegetables or ice-cream-be aware of the sun Thank you for your attention

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