Хоw то саве тхе планет

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Пустовалова Анна, 8 «А»How to save the planet Our planet and ecology in dangerous. Manyreservoirs is polluted, cities is full of rubish, forests is cut down. Many animals and plants dissapear. Air is polluted. It’s a global problem. What we can do to solve this problem? 1. We must trown away the rubish in a special bins 2. Recycle the rubbish 3. Stop use poisonous gases 4.Feed creatures and birds 5. To organize a «clean-up-day» to clear all the litter in the outside your house, school, in the park. 8.Plant the trees,flowers and plants. 9.Don’t drop litter in the city, towns, in reservoirs, in the forests and all place, apart from bins for the litter.

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