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To keep fit most people do sports. Some of them join a sports club. The most popular individual sports are walking, swimming, cycling and aerobics. WHAT SOME ACTIVITIES DO FOR YOU SUPPLENESS-being able to bend, stretch and turn through a full range of movements STRENGTH- being able to exert force for pushing, pulling and lifting STAMINA-being able to keep going without getting tired quickly Exerciseclasses/dance/yoga Aerobics and dance a are good all-round exercises, even for beginners. Yoga is very good for suppleness and can also help you relax. Racket sports Badminton and tennis are all good for all-round fitness, especially leg strength and suppleness. The better you get the more stamina is needed. Weight-training Becoming popular, especially among women. It is important to have the proper training for more stenuous exercises. Team games Very good for stamina and strength and, depending on the sport, can be good for suppleness. Guess which six sports are written below: FOLG NETINS GYBUR LICGCYN RINWFIGNDUS SECIBORA pair Team games individual CYCLING,CRICK,TABLE TENNIS, AEROBICS,SKIING,CHESS,WALKING, RUNNING,HOCKEY,RUGBY,FIGURE SKATING,SWIMMING,BOXING,ICE-SKATING Divide the words into 3 groups:

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