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How to support the form? Work has executed The schoolgirl 7 -a class Tverdohlebova Anna. The teacher: Borisova Olga Petrovna Support of the form. To support the form for the beginning it is necessary to pass some items: 1. It is necessary to use vitamins. 2. To go in for sports. 3. There are no harmful products. The volleyball Basketball Football Tennis Roller skates Rugby football Figure skating Kinds of sports: Football. Tennis. Tennis - a kind of sports in which compete or two players (« single game »), or two commands consisting of two players (« pair game »). … Patrick Makinroj, Peter Bobo Tennis for "teapots" = Tennis For Dummies. - М.: "Williams", 2007 Rugby. Rugby football ( rugby football, more often simply rugby) - with an ovalwhich players of each command, transferring each other hands and legs, try приземлить in a test floor behind a gate of the contender or to hammer in it into the Ў-shaped gate. The ball should fly by above a crossbeam of a gate. Roller skates. Roller skates- boots with the frames attached to them in which it is fixed from two five wheels. The first record about use of roller skates is dated 1743. Figured skating. Figured skating - the skating concerns to The basic idea consists in movement of the sportsman or pairs sportsmen on with changes of a direction of sliding and performance of additional elements .) under Figure skating as a separate kind of sports was generated in 60 19 century and has been recognized on I the Congress of skaters. The first competitions took place in the Vein per among men of figure skaters. Basketball. Basketball (English basket - a basket, ball - a ball) sports command ball game. In basketball two commands play, each of which consists of five players. The volleyball. The volleyball (English volleyball from volley - « to strike a ball since summer » (also translate as "flying", "soaring") and ball - "ball") - a kind of sports, command … the Central body of volleyball as international kind of the sports, corrected defining arch FIVB (English). An eutrophy. 1. Eat more vitamins. 2. Eat vegetables and fruit. Vitamins. Vitamins - group of low-molecular organic connections concerning a simple structure and the various chemical nature. It is a combined team, in the chemical attitude, the group of organic substances incorporated on the basis of their absolute necessity for as a component of food. Vitamins contain in food in very small quantities and consequently concern. Vegetables. Fruit. Harmful products. THANKS FOR ATTENTION!!!

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