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Grammar in UseШаферова И.В.ФГКОУ Нахимовское военно-морское училищеОсень, 2016г. Objectives:identify the passive voiceunderstanding the difference between the passive voice and the active voiceunderstanding the agent in the passive voice (by or with)practise how to use passive voice Write passive sentences, as in the example. What is the tense in each sentence?Alexander Byrne created the Phantom of theOpera costumes.The Phantom of the Opera costumes were created by Alexander Byrne.2 The company employs three hundred people.3 B & K have built a new cinema complex nearthe airport.4 John wrote the essay.5 The Mayor will open the new theatre this Sunday. Keys:2Three hundred people are employed by thecompany. (Present Simple Passive) 3 A new cinema complex has been built near the airport by B&K. (Present Perfect Passive) 4 The essay was written by John. (Past Simple Passive) 5 The new theatre will be opened by the Mayor this Sunday. (Future Simple Passive) Complete the sentences with by or with.1The walls are covered ...... posters.2 A new book will be published ...... ExpressLtd next May.3 The dress was designed ...... Calvin Klein.4 Wood is cut ...... a saw.5 The film was produced ...... Martin Scorcese.withbybywithby

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