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Grammar in UseШаферова И.В.ФГКОУ Нахимовское военно-морское училищеОсень, 2016г. Rewrite the sentences in the passive. Mind thetenses. Omit the agent where necessary.1 They will open the opera house next week.2 They didn't invite him to the party.3 The chef is preparing the food.4 Donna Karan designed the costumes.5 The editor hasn't checked the article yet. Check!1 The opera house will be opened next week.2 He wasn’t invited to the party. 3 The food is being prepared. 4 The costumes were designed by Donna Karan. 5 The article hasn’t been checked yet. John gave me a ticket for the rock concert.I was given a ticket for the rock concert by John.A ticket for the rock concert was given to me by John .2 Robert will bring the children some DVDs.3 The film producer has offered the costume designer a job.4 The director sent Laura an email.2 The children will be brought some DVDs by Robert./Some DVDs will be brought to the children by Robert.3 The costume designer has been offered a job by the film producer./A job has been offered to the costume designer by the film producer.4 Laura was sent an email by the director./An email was sent to Laura by the director.
Rewrite the followingquestions in the passive voice.1 Where did they buy the tickets? Where were the tickets bought?2 When will they stage the show?3 Had they prepared the costumes before the director arrived?4 Did they translate the play?5 Did Andrew Lloyd Webber write the music?6 Will Steven Spielberg direct this film?7 Who designed the first pair of jeans?8 What caused the fire?9 Who invented the television?10 What do you use silver for?When will the show be staged?Had the costumes been prepared before the director arrived?Was the play translated?Was the music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber?Will this film be directed by Steven Spielberg?Who was the first pair of jeans designed by?What was the fire caused by?Who was the television invented by?What is silver used for?

Write passive sentences.1 A: That's a beautiful painting. B: Yes. (It/paint/Pablo Picasso)e.g. It was painted by Pablo Picasso.2 A: Can I take a photograph? B: I'm afraid (cameras/not allow) ...... in the museum.3 A: The room is a mess. B: I know. (It/not clean/for days) .......4 A: Can I borrow your car tonight? B: I'm afraid you can't. (It/not repair/yet) .......5 A: Has the parcel arrived? B: No. (It/deliver/tomorrow) .......cameras are not allowed It hasn’t been cleaned for days.It hasn’t been repaired yet.It will be delivered tomorrow.

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