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Causative formШаферова И.В.ФГКОУ Нахимовское военно-морское училищеОсень, 2016г. Objectives:-read to identify missing text-introduce the causative form-understand the causative form-asking questions, using the causative form

Ex.4 p.64 Use the ideas to discussin pairs, as in the example.hair/perm?A: Have you ever had your hair permed?B: Yes, I have./No, I haven't. I Are you kidding?A: Have you ever had your teeth straightened? B: Yes, I have.A: Have you ever had your nails done? B: Yes, many times.A: Have you ever had a hair extension added?B: No,I haven’t.A: Have you ever had your teeth whitened? B: No, I haven’t..A: Have you ever had your hair dyed? B: Yes, I have.A: Have you ever had your eyes checked? B: Yes. I get them checked every year.A: Have you ever had an x-ray taken? B: Yes, several times.

Complete the dialogue using the causative form of the verbs in brackets in the correct tense.is having her hair straightenedis having her make up donehave false nails put on

has had his teeth whitened’m having my eyes testedhave my hair cut

Use the words in brackets to make sentences, as in the example. Mind the tenses.1 Tina is at the hairdresser's. (cut/hair) She's having her hair cut.2 Sheila will go to the dressmaker. (make/dress)3 Danny went to the mechanic yesterday. (fix/car)4 Evelyn went to the beauty salon yesterday. (do/nails)5 Bob has taken his shoes to the shoemaker. (mend/shoes)6 Jill called the painters. (paint/house)7 Steve went to the drycleaner's. (clean/suits)8 The Smiths have gone to the photographer's. (develop/film) Check!2 She will have a dress made.3 He had his car fixed yesterday.4 She had her nails done yesterday.5 He’s having his shoes mended.6 She’s having the house painted.7 He’s having his suits cleaned.8 They’re having the film developed. Idioms1 Of course I won't tell Ann. I was only ......... (teasing you)2 Jenny wanted to have her nose pierced but her mother ......... (stopped her)3 I will ........ that my sprained ankle will get better before the Sunday match. (hope)4 When she realised she was bleeding, she ........ and started to scream. (panicked)5 The film was so scary it ........ ! (frightened me)6 I'm trying to dye my hair, but I haven't done it before. Can you ........ ?(help me)pulling your legput her foot downkeep my fingers crossedlost her headmade my hair stand on endgive me a hand

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