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Yellow River Yellow River…Yellow River has a length of 5463 km, and send the waters to the Yellow Sea. This is the fourth of the longest rivers in Asia.Yellow River got its English name "Yellow River" because of the colour of the water-rich silt that is washed out of the loess soils.  Yellow River…Yellow River is surely one of the muddy river in the world. The river makes in the sea about a thousand tons of silt annually. These high figures can be explained by the relatively fast-flowing rivers, barely losing speed even when passing through the extensive irrigation systems in the valley. Yellow River…Yellow River has never been navigable, except for a small segment which length is 161 km in its lower reaches, and estimates for the future construction of new damps to increase the number of shipping segments as the river itself, and some of its tributaries. Thanks for watching(^_^)V

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