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Human Health impacts
Air pollution is currently estimated to reduce life expectancy by an average of 6 months with estimated equivalent health costs of up to £19 billion a year. There is currently an underestimation of the full range of possible health benefits that could be attained from policy measures to improve air quality, because it has not been possible to quantify all health outcomes. Work to review the evidence is ongoing and it is expected that this would lead to an increase in the number of health outcomes identified.
Sources of Sulphur Dioxide Pollution in the UK (2001)

Sources of Nitrogen Oxides Pollution in the UK (2001)

Sources of Particulate (PM10) Pollution in the UK (2001)

Sources of Voltatile Organic Compounds Pollution in the UK (2001)

Sources of Carbon Monoxide Pollution in the UK (2001)

Emissions and major sources of air pollutants in the UK, 2001
SO2 1125 Power stationsNOx1680 Road transportPM10 178 Construction, mining, quarrying / road transport
VOCs1514 Solvent use / road transportCO 3737 Road transport
The table below shows how air pollution emissions have been declining in the UK since 1970.
POLLUTANT 1970 1980 1990 2000
Sulphur dioxide6460 4854 3719 1188
Nitrogen oxides2501 2581 2759 1737
Particulates (PM10) 542 358 309 178
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) 2172 2338 2603 1596
Carbon monoxide8843 7669 7445 4025

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