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Human qualities and appearance Good qualities Choose the correct word Ambitious Calm Sweet Ambitious Loyal Reliable Charming Charming Mature Modest Hard-working Hard-working Helpful Calm Open Calm Translate the word obedient послушный strong-willed решительный, волевой neat аккуратный, опрятный scrupulous щепетильный, добросовестный humble скромный sympathetic сочувствующий trustworthy надёжный decisive решительный reserved скрытный credulous доверчивый Find the synonym Describe the person in your group using all these adjectives Bad qualities Think of the proper adjective Bossy Messy Cruel Boring Mean, stingy Envious Lazy Impatient Make negative adjectives Modest Immodest Decisive Indecisive Mature Immature Tolerant Intolerant Polite impolite Secure Insecure Considerate Inconsiderate Patient Impatient Responsible Irresponsible Partial Impartial Translate the words Arrogant Big-headed Careless Conceited Dishonest Greedy Idle Nasty Quick-tempered Stubborn Unpredictable Appearance tall short He is very tall. He is quite short. He is medium height/about average height Type of hair long hair short hair no hair bold red black blonde straight curly wavy She has medium length, straight, blonde hair. She has medium length, wavy, red hair. She has short, curly, blonde hair. Type of face and complexion He is Asian. He has light-brown skin and a round face. She is black. She has a square dark-skinned face. He is white. He has fair skin and a round face. She has slightly tanned skin and a heart-shaped face. She is white. She has very pale skin and an oval face. Build She is skinny. (negative ++) She is fat. (negative) She is thin. (negative +) He is overweight. (neutral) She is slim. (positive) She is (a bit) plump. (neutral) He is well-built. (positive) She is heavy-set. (neutral) Age She is young. He is a teenager. She is in her teens. She is middle-aged. She is in her thirties. She is about forty. He is a man of fifty-five years old. She is not very old. He is old. Examples Mary is a young woman of 25 years old. She is not very tall but rather slim. She’s got long, curly, red hair and an oval face with big green eyes. Mary is really good-looking; she is also kind and friendly.Tom is a middle-aged man. He is rather short and a bit overweight. He has short, straight, brown hair and dark brown eyes. He also has a moustache, but not a beard. His face is square and slightly tanned. Tom is a very attractive person, because he is generous, sociable and very hardworking.

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