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Kavalersky nowadays.Now the farm Kavalersky is the decoration of Egorlykskaya land. "Calling card" is a comfortable school which was named after Hero of the Soviet Union A.P. Dubintsa. It became "the second home" for local children. There is also the renovated House of Culture. Our people can take part in many interesting actions such as folk choir, a sport club “Gold bear”, where the competitions of armwrestling are held. There is also a big library. There you can find any book you need. There are some monuments to people fallen during the Great Patriotic War.
Kavalerka is a place where a generation of farmers grows. You cannot imagine our farm without its trade series, traditional fair on Thursdays, without the central square with a statue of V. I. Lenin. Some important buildings are located along its perimeter such as the house of administration with a commemorative plaque to chairman Wild V.A. There is also a television tower, allows broadcasting local news releases. The parish of Kazan Russian Orthodox Church has recently built. Not far from the square there is a monument on the site of the graves of soldiers.
Our home farm becomes prettier from year to year. "Dashing 90s"left behind. They destroyed a powerful animal husbandry and processing industry in the village. Private enterprise and the market economy came to the place of the legendary collective farm. The inhabitants of the farm, as well as their ancestors - the Kuban Cossacks, are not afraid of work. All our land is still fertile. The river Kavalerka still carries its waters. And we want to believe that the farm will have tens and hundreds of glorious anniversaries.
renovate – ремонтировать
trade series – торговые ряды
commemorative plaque – мемориальная доска
chairman – председатель
parish – церковный приход
grave – могила
husbandry – земледелие
private enterprise – частное предприятие
ancestor – предок
fertile – плодородный
glorious – славный
anniversary – годовщина, юбилей
При составлении материала использован ресурс http://infourok.ru/yubiley_rodnogo_hutora_statya_o_hutore_kavalerskom_egorlykskogo_rayona_rostovskoy_oblasti-168362.htm

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