И ам проуд оф мы гранны

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I’m proud of my Granny. Выполнила: Косарева СашаШкола № 18 , 5а классУчитель: С.В. Михеева My grandmother was born in Leningrad. She has 10 years old when fascists attacked our Motherland on June, 22nd, 1941… Fascists could not grasp Leningrad and decided to surround it with a ring. They planned to destroy people of Leningrad by cold and famine… People had nothing to eat. They began to die of famine and a cold. They had no time to bury their relatives , but all people did not surrender… Communication with the mainland was through Lake Ladoga. This road was called- «life Road». Fascists constantly bombed it. But on the January, 8 1942 the family had been informed that their father was killed by fascists… Fascists burnt the house where the family lived. They remained without a roof over the head and without clothes. My grandmother and her four children began to live in a wood dugout. There was no oven in a dugout. It was very cold. They slept on straw… My grandmother tore up a bark from pines all day long. Her hungry children worked with her collecting bark and branches in a frost 40 °. In the evening bark and branches were taken away to the bakeries. Bread was baked for inhabitants from fir- or pine- needles ,people drank coniferous tea at factories of Leningrad… On April, 15th, 1942 my grandmother died of femine. Four small children remained alone in a cold dugout . In July other children of Leningrad were taken to the continent… Three barges with children were floating across Lake Ladoga. All children were laying on decks. Planes began to bomb barges. Fascist pilots flew low and saw the children, but they continued to bomb. Two barges sunk together with children. The barge with my grandmother, reached the coast. She will never forget this… My grandmother and other children of Leningrad were taken out to Gorkii by train under bombardments, they were replaced to a steamboat and sent to Vachy region. All cried. They were live corpses. The life in children's home for the grandmother and other children was paradise. They could study again. During their free time they worked at a factory. Seige of Leningrad lasted 900 days. January, 27th, 1943 it was broken through. Children learnt about it from tutors of children's home. All cried and shouted of joy and happiness. My grandmother is a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. She has got many awards. The grandmother tells me about hard years in Leningrad. People should know all about hard times of the war!

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