И цан рун

The Song “ I can run”
The teacher comes to class with and greets the pupils with a big smile on his face. He says "Today we are going to train a little bit and I’ll see what you CAN do Well, my friends, I need your help”. The teacher has got a bag with the pictures( additional materials). There are pictures in it. He takes out some flashcards (additional materials) saying "I can run”. While speaking “I CAN run” the teacher shows and demonstrates to the class how he runs( oves). “I can jump." ( he shows the picture and jumps at the same time) etc. The song begins "I can run, I can run
I can run and run
And I’m having lots of fun
I can run, I can run ( then the teacher asks one of the students)
Can you? The teacher sings and at the same time moves and shows the picture.
Sitting audience go "yes, yes"
Part 1 Why I chose it? Why it is suitable for my students?
I like this song ( taken from http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/songs/i-can-run) the most. I chose it for my 2th and 3th class students, because it raises motivation and attention in the beginning, starting the lesson with a bag and movements. Every child prefers movement. Each time a different picture and movement out from the bag will endure the curiosity and desire to show and mime, as in learning curiosity is very important.
Another reason is we just started modal verb “can” in our book, well matched with our syllabus. At the same time “Can you…? And I can…..” was the previous lesson a good revision for the 3rd class. There is also a revision for the verbs and modal verbs. Containing the structure “I can…”is another goodness. Mainly there is an introduction for verbs of movement vocabulary. Teaching vocabulary, flashcards are very useful tools, the only thing here is we introduce the flashcards in a game-like way. It is suitable for my students because they are very active and kinesthetic kids. They like songs very much. After having an English class which contains songs I know that they look forward for the next lesson with a great desire.
Part 2 Would I use it again? Why? What would I change? How could I improve it?
I would use this activity again in my 3th and 4th classes because it is a lot of fun. The music and the song are lovely and energetic. The children look forward to knowing something new and interesting. Also, they are always ready to move, do the exercises and sing. They like to sing, why don’t we use their interest in singing to teach a language . I also could use them as icebreakers for the language. Furthermore there is a lot of useful language hidden in it, a lot of vocabulary and maybe a lot of useful grammar. I think icebreaker doesn’t stand for only if there is some comminication problems between the teacher and the students or among students, it also includes the meaning to break ice which could form between student and the lesson. We should warm and encourage our children to learn more and more. Not just singing for fun but for the language itself, to feel and understand the language more deeply, to follow the rhyme and intonation. Children learn not to afraid of their mistakes but speak freely. The structure in the music plays a considerable role in forming their speaking. So I will keep using TPR activities in my lessons. The activity could be improved by letting students do a group or pair singing. One pair sings “run”, another “skip” etc. at the end asking each other “What can you do?”, Writing the questions on the board and showing the pictures will make it easier for children
Best WishesNatalia

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