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I live in the Rostov region. Points of the presentation: River Don Novocherkassk Ascension Cathedral Mukhina balka River Don: On his way Don receives more than 5,200 tributaries, with a total length of about 60,100 km, forming a pool of 422,000 km2. Don basin relative shortage of water, since it lies in the forest-steppe and steppe climatic zones. Novocherkassk Ascension Cathedral: Ascension Cathedral, founded and consecrated still at the base of the city in 1805 in the holy feast of the Ascension of Christ. However, the construction of the cathedral was designed by architect Aloysius Ruska only began October 1, 1811. Built the cathedral architect brother Jerome Rusca. Mukhina balka: Mukhina beam or Small Log - a steep ravine in the east of Aksai gully slopes are covered with forest. Most of the floor joists covered swamps. However, with the exception of the beautiful nature, somewhat reminiscent of laconic landscapes of England, Mukhina bar (Aksai) is known for its extensive network of underground tunnels and catacombs. In addition, the beam Fly is a historic military complex, numbering in the collection are many military armored vehicles.

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