И лове мы теачерс

I love my teachers,
So dear and darling.They are beautiful and kind,
They are always careful.
When a teacher enters class,
Smiling, he meets all of us.
We don`t bother to take lessons,
We respect our teachers.
But sometimes we are scolded,
When we are taught to subjects.Teaching is a very hard work.
It is the breadth of life to us.
A teacher runs to his dear job
Rain or shine.
He`ll give advice in any trouble,
Encourage you in hour of need
And help at any time you like,
Extend a helping hand.
When I was sick, they helped me to catch up
To get my “fives”.I`ll hold true to my memory and I`ll stand by you
And I`ll never forget you, my dear teachers.
I'm glad to go through my life with you,
To take a lot of knowledge you give me.
I`ll never forget my school and you.
Whether I`m adult or not
I`ll put all my knowledge to useAnd thank you for all my memories.

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