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“My First Teacher”.(A Composition).I study at the comprehensive school. All the teachers in my school are good but I want you to know about my first teacher. She is the best of the best. Her name is Polyakova Lidiya Vasilievna.She has been teaching the youngest pupils for all her life. She has taught me not only to read and to write. She has taught me to communicate with people. She has taught me to respect people. And it is very important in our life. Lidiya Vasilievna is a very kind and clever person. Sometimes she is strict but she is always fair. She knows everything about her pupils because they trust her. She has a good sense of humor. She is easy to deal with. And of course she is a very skilled and hard-working person. Lidiya Vasilievna gives her children a lot of opportunities to express themselves. She helps them to develop their skills and personal qualities. She teaches them to do things their own way. She really loves her pupils, she spends every spare minute with them and they love her. Every April all pupils of my class make a colorful poster to congratulate Lidiya Vasilievna with her birthday. This is the way to express our love to our favourite teacher.

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