И wант то таке афтер мы фатхер ор тхе персон и адмире тхе мост

Throughout our life we meet many people that have a great impact on our life and form our world outlook. These people can be strangers, friends, teachers and first of all, our kin.The person who ensures my protection and wellbeing, who helps me to feel self-confidence is my father. This person is always by me.
My dad is a handsome man in his mid-thirties. He is tall, well-beilt and dark skinned. When he smiles, his hazel eyes sparkle and this smile touches sincerely your heart.  He always wears a formal suit to work and at the same time when he puts on casual clothes, my mom says that he looks stunning.
I get on really well with my father. We have so much in common.As the proverb goes:"An apple never falls far from the tree". It is exactly about us. We hang out a lot together, like going shopping, hunting, fishing and travelling. And indeed, he is so caring and attentive not only with me, but also with my mom and sister.
He is a very sociable man with a great personal charm. He is the life and soul of every party. He works his fingers to the bone, but he also finds some time to devote it to his pals. He has a lot of friends and they spend every Thursday in our "banya" (The Bath House). It's the palce where they can relax after work, spin a yarn and joke.
My father is a wonderful person who really lives his life to the full and loves his family. I can't imagine my life without his support, his advice and his sense of humour. I really want to take after him.

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