И wилл ремембер олымпиц гамес

The Opening and the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games 2014.
When I knew that the Olympic Games 2014 would take place in Sochi, my joy had no limit. I was literally delighted, because Sochi is near my region. I had been looking forward for the Olympic Games for some years. And here, the long-waited Olympic Games! Time ran so quickly. The whole world was waiting for this event.
I learned that I would go with my parents there. If I told that I was surprised, I would tell nothing. When I went to the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, I saw all the constructions and building myself. I was so happy. The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games was extremely beautiful. The Opening and Closing ceremonies of Olympic Games took place in the central stadium, which was called in honor of the mountain “Fisht”.
Especially, I was surprised by the case during the performance with unopened snowflake, which should become the ring of America at the beginning of the Opening Ceremony. It was not made specially, it was the mistake of electronics. But our television had shown that the ring opened. And at the Closing ceremony of Olympic Games the creators of the program decided to remember that event and correct their mistake by showing how it must be done the beginning of the Opening Ceremony. All people smiled and were happy.
The Olympic Games were remarkable for all countries and for our great country of Russia. The Russian national team won these Games with a primary separation from other countries. The Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games was splendid!
I liked the symbols of the Games. When the bear began to cry, water stood in its eyes at the end of the Closing Ceremony. It was so realistic that I was very sad. But our country won and it was the most important thing. Our sportsmen has shown that Russia is great!
Sochi has changed after the Olympic Games. I saw new sport complexes, buildings, hotels, parks and many other things. I still have exclusively positive emotions from these Olympic Games, everything was superb. I won't forget this trip! I will remember these impressions whole my life!
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Селимханов Денис

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