И wоулд лике то пресент цоунтры руссиа

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I would like to present country Russia.The full name of this country Russian Federation. Russia's geographical positionRussia is located in the northeastern part of the largest continent of the globe - Eurasia and occupies about a third of its territory (31.5%). Population of Russia The official language of the Russian Federation.The state language of the Russian Federation throughout its territory in accordance with Article 68 of the Constitution of the Russian language. Russia's major cities1. Moscow (10,101,500) 2. Saint Petersburg (4,669,400) 3. Novosibirsk (1425600) 4. Nizhny Novgorod (1311200) 5. Ekaterinburg (1293000) 6. Samara (1158100) 7. Omsk (1133900) 8. Kazan (1105300) 9. Chelyabinsk (1078300) 10. Rostov-on-Don (1070200) 11. Ufa (1042400) 12. Volgograd (1012800) 13. Perm (1000100) 14. Krasnoyarsk (911 700) Description of the flag and coat of arms of RussiaOn the flag of Russia: Three horizontal bars of equal width. Color bands: white, blue, red. Coat of arms of the Russian Federation State Emblem of the Russian Federation represents a golden double-headed eagle on a red heraldic shield above the eagle - three historical crowns of Peter the Great (above the heads - two small and above them - the bigger one) in the clutches of an eagle - the scepter and orb on the chest eagle on a red shield - horseman spearing a dragon. Thanks for watching.

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