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IDEAL SCHOOL SCHOOL SHOULD BE BIG AND beautiful. CLASSROOMS SHOULD BE LIGHT AND FURNITURE SHOULD BE COMFORTABLE. COLOURS OF WAIIS SHOULDN’T BE BRIGHT SO THAT PUPILS DON’T DEVERT FROM THE LESSONS. FOR EACH SUBJECT IT SHOULD BE A SEPARATE ROOM. At school there must be a big, bright and light gym, and Physical Education must be every day! like all children all over the world, we want to have a pool at school !!! Children must be educated. For this aim there must be a library with the big number of books and a reading-room. At school there should be separate lockers for each student and locker rooms both for boys and girls. School should have its own children’s bus In the canteen everything must be sterile and comfortable. Food should be tasty, hot and appetizing!!! Teachers must be experienced, kind and fair. Children should be allowed to wear what they want, because clothes don’t influence our studies. This is the ideal school for us!!! Authors: Akimenko Anna and Severenchuk Ekaterina. 7 «А» 2015

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