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Topic « Perfect School» - How are you today? - Do you want to study in a perfect school? Must pupils wear a special uniform? What subjects are you intresteed in? Should school be a brightly decorated building? respectdevelopadultsactivitycompulsory encourageimaginationcommunicatemindreaserch be brightly decorated buildingbe modern buildingoffer any subjects are intrested inhave no boring and useless subjectsprepare for a real lifetalk freely to teachersdiscuss any problemlisten to student's problemunderstand student's problemtreat each other with respecthave no testshave / have no special uniformallows students have their own newspaper and radiobe compulsorybe strict and have discipline Hands up! Hands down! Hands on hips! Sit down! Hands up! To the sides! Bend left! Bend right! One, two, three! Hop! One, two, three! Stop! Stand still! I’d like to study in … school.- I want to have private (state) education - In my opinion, my uniform is very nice. I'd like ….- School uniforms unite pupils.In my opinion … I think perfect school ...

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