Идеалноое государство

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Work was executed by the pupil 11 «A» a class of school № 335 of Balabuha Roman. State — special institute of political system, organizing, directing and supervising joint activity and the relations of individuals, the general groups, classes. State Ideal state In my opinion the ideal state is the state in which, all citizens are equal before the law, there is freedom of thought and a word, there is no crime and personality discrimination, there is no hostile policy in relation to other states, and the most important that all forces are directed on favorable prosperity and society existence. Bases of the ideal state 1. The state affects only the benefit and in interests of the people 2. The state is the keeper of cultural and material property of the people. 3. The state is the guarantor of free cultural, spiritual and material development of the people. 4. The state is obliged to provide the sovereignty of the country, inviolability of its territory and material property and the right to the way of development. 5. The state is obliged to provide an order and justice in the country. 6. The state should provide each citizen at least with minimum necessary conditions for life. 7. The state should give the chance to each citizen of the maximum self-realization within an existing order. In the conclusion it is possible to tell that the ideal state is very heavy for creating, but if it turns out, such state will prosper in everything, as well as his inhabitants. Thanks for attention!!!

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