Идиомы про времена года в англ яз самкова

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Match the idioms and their meanings a very thin coating of ice found on roads and sidewalks that is difficult to see, and therefore quite dangerous a sudden arrival of cold weather to sleep through the winter in order to reserve energy a deep pile of snow that builds up because of wind to be stranded or unable to leave a place because of heavy snowfall the amount of snow that comes down within a period of time to be unable to tell the difference between things because of an overabundance of snow Describe the pictures using new idioms Fill in the gaps using new idioms Irina said that the _________ on her street caused 3 car accidents.Emily wasn’t prepared  for the _________– all of her coats were still in storage.Whenever December arrives, I just want to _________ like a bear until spring!I couldn’t see my car because of the giant ________ outside the window.We were _____________ at the ski chalet for the whole weekend.What was the average  __________over the country in the last storm?After the ____________, looking outside was like looking at a sheet of paper. black ice cold snap hibernate snow drift snowfall whiteout Match the idioms and their meanings snowed undersnowball’s chance in hell  pure as the driven snow  to break the ice the snowball effect  to run hot and cold to be on thin iceput something on ice  dead of winter to be very unlikely to succeed at somethingto be in a risky situationthe coldest, darkest part of winterto be innocent and chaste (frequently used ironically)to create a more friendly and relaxed atmosphereto be unable to make up one’s mindwhen something small keeps growing in importance or significanceto stop doing somethingto be overwhelmed, usually with responsibilities Describe the pictures using new idioms be snowed under to be on thin ice to break the ice the snowball effect snowball’s chance in hell  dead of winter Learn some new idioms and their meanings! SPRING FEVER To feel very happy and full of youthful energy. THE PIERIAN SPRING A very young person pay for it; pay it's cost SPRING SOMETHING ON SOMEONE SPRING-CLEAN to clean a house, room, etc. thoroughly, including the parts you do not usually clean. Translate into English Светится от счастьяСовсем малышПлатитьВесенняя лихорадкаИсточник вдохновенияОшарашить кого-то новостьюВесенняя уборка - убирать дом, комнату и т.д. тщательно, включая те части, которые обычно не убираютСтарый человек Be full of the joys of spring Spring chicken Spring for something Spring fever The Pierian spring Spring something on someone Spring-clean No spring chicken Fill in the gaps using new idioms The students couldn't pay any attention to what I was saying. They were obviously suffering from spring fever.The sun was shining, and even though it was October, I was full of the joys of spring.I'll spring for dinner tonight.I want to spring the news on him tomorrowTake it easy. You're no spring chicken yourself, you know.Fran decided to spring-clean the apartment.He’s so naughty!-Don’t pay attention. He’s only a spring chicken! Describe the pictures using new idioms Work in pairs. Each pair of students gets an idiom to work with. Write a conversation and use this idiom in it. Act out the conversation you wrote.

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