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Mexicostate in North America, is the most northern country in Latin America.Egupowa Julia, 10 class, Obozerskaya school №1 The executive power belongs to the President and legislative - Chamber of Representatives. The electoral cycle is repeated every six years in Mexico. The coat of arms in the middle of a falcon is devouring a snake resting on a cactusThe following shows a lake with an island Texcoco. Below are branches of oak (Republic) and Laurel (the glory of heroes) tied with a ribbon with the national colors. The general meaning of the coat of arms - a victory of good over evil.Flag are 3 vertical stripes: green, white and red. This national colors of Mexico. Mexico City - the capital of Mexico.Mexico City - the main political, economic and cultural center of Mexico.The city was founded in 1521 on the site of the destroyed ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. Named in honor of the city of the Aztec god of war Mehitli. Since 1821 - the capital of an independent Mexico. Cactus - the unofficial symbol of Mexico.Cactus is the symbol of Mexico, as fills a large part of its territory and has a significant place in the diet of Mexicans. Also considered the unofficial symbol of the bird Quetzal.She was considered a symbol of goodness and light.And it portrayed next to the gods. Interesting facts The main souvenirs from Mexico - a skull and skeletons. The fact that the Mexico distributed cult death called Santa Muerte. The cult has turned due to the mixing of cultures Aztec and Mayan with Catholicism. Mexicans traditionally worship death for many centuries.

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