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Essay “If I were a teacher...”Written by Elena Bezruchenko(form 7)Supervised by S.N. DerevyankinaLyceum №14Tambov This profession has existed for many centuries. There were teachers in Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece in the Middle Ages and we cannot live without them now. They help young people to find their way in life, give knowledge and helpful advice. On the one hand, this job is important and noble, but, on the other hand, it is very stressful and hard. If I were a teacher, firstly, I would use all modern technologies and equipment to make the process of learning more interesting and memorable. Secondly, I would try to use different sources of information to find out more about my subject and share with my pupils. People say that good teachers are like second parents and best friends for children because they spend a lot of time with them and influence their psychological and spiritual development. So, if I were a teacher, I would be patient, fair and tolerant to my pupils. Besides, I would set a good example to them and bring up good qualities in them. To do it, I would organize different activities (for example, sport competitions, excursions) for pupils and ask their parents to join us. Conflicts in school are inevitable. And if I were a teacher, I would use a sense of humor, professionalism and wisdom but never insults to solve problems. We are a teacher’s dynasty I know much about this job because my grandmother, mother and aunt are teachers. And if I were a teacher, I would try to be like them. The End

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