Мид тест 1-8

Task 1. Choose the right item.
1. Pete……..a magazine now.
a) read b) reads c) reading d) is reading e) are reading
2. Sometimes she……new books in this shop.
a) buys b) buy c)is buying d) are buying e) buying
3. I often ……..him. a) am not understanding
b) don’t understand c) doesn’t understand d) am not understand e) don’t understanding4. They….tennis at 10 o’clock yesterday.
a) play b) were playing c) plays d) is playing e) was playing
5. He…..to speak to you now.
a) is wanting b) want c) wants d) is want e) are wanting
6. Rob …..a long poem tomorrow.
a) wrote b) write c) is writing d) will write e) writes
7. Mary…….to London in 1999.
a) goed b) goes c) is going d) go e) went
8. These boys never……their granny.
a) are visiting b) visits c) visiting d) visit e) is visiting
9. We …a lot of stamps last year.
a) collected b) collect c) collects d) collecting e) are collecting
10. He…….in the theatre last week.
a) was b) is c) were d) are e) am
11. Jane and Kate……at home last night.
a) was b) is c) were d) are e) am
12. Ann….a letter to her uncle from 8 o’clock till 11 o’clock last night.
a) writes b) is writing c) was written d) am writing e) has written
13. They..…just…...in a new flat.a) were moving b) moved c) move d) moves e) have moved
14. They….already…this work.
a) were…exploring b) was…exploring c) have… explored d)has… explored
e) are …exploring
Task 2. Choose the sentence in Past Simple.
a) He read the newspaper two minutes ago. b) He is reading a newspaper.
c) He often reads newspapers in the morning. d) He was reading newspapers at 5 .
e) He has already read this newspaper.
Task 3. Choose the sentence in Present Perfect.
a) I always visit my Granny on Saturdays. b) They are playing tennis. c) I have bought the return ticket for Paris. d) The sky was blue. e) The sun will rise in the east.
Task 4. Choose the sentence in Present Continuous.
He never eats biscuits. b) He is eating biscuits at the moment. c) He has already eaten biscuits.
d) He was eating biscuits at that moment yesterday. b) He will eat biscuits tomorrow.

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