Мид тест 8 форм

Mid Test 8Name:________________________________________________ Date: ________________
Class: ________________________________________________ Mark: ____________ (48)
Time: 45 minutes.
1. You will hear a man asking for information about buying a bus ticket. Listen and complete questions 1-5. You will hear the conversation twice.
Date of journey:
Bus leaves at:
Return ticket costs:
Bus Ticket Office opening hours:
Points: 6
2. Choose the correct item.
1. What …….. of this song? Do you like it?
A are you thinking
B you think
C do you think
2. Why are your clothes so dirty? …….. in the garden again?
A Had you been working
B Are you going to work
C Have you been working
3. Tom …….. the good news by his brother.
A has told
B was told
C told
4. Jane isn’t as …….. her older brother.
A sociable than
B sociable as
C more sociable as
5. John …….. us at our new house yet.
A hasn’t been visiting
B hasn’t visited
C didn’t visit
6. This soup was made …….. mushrooms.
A with B of C by
7. This is ……..team in the championship league.
A the worse
B worst
C the worst
8. By the time we got to the theatre, the performance …….. .
A had been starting
B had been started
C had started
9. Sam was tired: he …….. for two hours without a break.
A had been digging
B has been digging
C has dug
10. The traffic is so terrible! We …….. to work really late.
A are getting
B are going to get
C will get

11. Helen visits her grandparents three time ......... week.
A the B - C a
12. We’ve …….. this shop for half an hour and we haven’t seen one sales assistant.
A gone to
B been in
C been to
13. As Tim …….. to catch the bus, he fell and twisted his ankle.
A was running
B run
C ran
14. I promise I ……. your book as soon as I’ve read it.
A will return
B am returning
C going to return
15. They have lived in Rome …….. 2001.
A for B since C ago
16. I …….. to the dentist yesterday.
A went
B has gone
C had gone
17. They ………. had dinner yet.
A haven’t had
B didn’t have
C hadn’t had
18. She …….. want to play this game.
A doesn’t want
B isn’t wanting
C don’t want
19. Sara …….. goes to the opera. She hates it.
A never
B always
C usually
20. This dish is delicious and doesn’t take…….. time to prepare.
A much
B many
C a lot of
Points: 20
3. Read the text. Are the statements true (T), false (F) or not stated (N)?
Racing driver.
Sue Glass had a car accident when she was eight so she didn’t like driving. When she grew up this was a problem, because she got a job with a car company. Then six years ago she met Julian Swayland, a racing driver, and she told him she was afraid of cars. He wanted to help, so he took her to Brands Hatch, a Grand Prix racing circuit. He drove her round corners at 100 mph and she loved it.
Then she heard about a special motor racing course. She did the course with five men and was amazed when she got top marks. She says: “I think I did well because I listened to everything the teacher
said. I needed to because I was so afraid. The men often didn’t listen. The best moment was my first championship race. I didn’t win but I came fourth. I beat 20 men. I love the excitement of
motor racing but it’s a dangerous sport and I’m always very frightened.”
1. Sue Glass didn’t like driving because she had
a car accident. ___
2. When Sue Glass grew up she worked for a car
company. ___
3. Julian Swayland was afraid of cars. ___
4. Julian took Sue to Brands Hatch because he
wanted to help her. ___
5. Sue drove a car at 100 mph. ___
6. Sue listened to the teacher so she did the
course very well. ___
7. Sue was afraid of the men on her course. ___
8. Sue won her fourth championship race. ___
9. Sue was better than 20 men on the course. ___
10. Sue loves motor racing because it’s dangerous. ___
Points: 10
3. Fill in the gaps. Use appropriate forms of the words.
1. Canada’s favorite sport is ice hockey. Hockey began in Canada. But we don’t know exactly how it began.
At the beginning hockey ______________________(not / have) rules.
2. Then, in 1880, Canadian students at McGill University in Montreal made the _________________ (one) rules for ice hockey.
3. The new rules had lines on the ice to make special areas. There ________________________(be) also six players on a team. This is similar to hockey today.
4. Ice hockey is the world’s ________________________ (fast) game. Players often skates thirty miles an hour.
5. Hockey is a dangerous game. Many players get hurt. Today, players wear special clothes to protect their bodies. The player near the goal wears a mask to protect his face. A player with no mask can break his nose or _______________________ (tooth).
6. People around the world __________________(play) hockey now. It is popular in the Olympics.
Points: 12(2)

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