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Created by Kolesov Nikita and Konygin Nikita My ideal school is near the city center. It’s a school for boys and girls. There isn’t a uniform and there aren’t any rules. The school has got a computer room, music room, recording studio, language laboratory, dance studio and football pitch. There is a swimming pool with an aqua park too. Computer room Music room Recording studio Language laboratory Dance studio Football pitch Swimming pool Aquapark Instead of books, every student has got a laptop with access to the Internet. In every classroom is the tactile board, form which everyone can use; 30 desks with comfortable chairs; good lighting of the classroom. During breaks students can order pizza and hot dogs form local restaurant. The studnets haven’t got any homework. They have got optional activities and sports clubs. Every weekend they have trips to the countryside and then have competitions in different parts of the city or other places. Every Friday evening they have a party and they listen to their favourite music.

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