Мигрантс ин невскы дистрицт

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Migrants in Nevsky district More and more migrants are coming to our country every year. So we conducted an analysis. We searched for statistical information in the Internet and also interviewed people who migrated to Russia from other countries.Now we would like to introduce the results of our research. Every year over 300,000 migrants come to St. Petersburg. Most of them live in Kalininsky, Nevsky, Primorsky and Frunzensky districts.There are about 32,000 migrants in Nevsky district. The main reasons for migrating to St. Petersburg are: available jobs family reasons workThe majority of migrants come from Commonwealth of Independent States, especially Uzbekistan. We have interviewed 3 residents of Nevsky district, who came to St. Petersburg from other countries. Our aim was to get to know if they like living in Russia and how they feel being far from homeland. Gulnaz Husainova, Tatarstan Republic-Why did you come here?My family moved to St. Petersburg when I was a child.-Are you going to make Russia your home?Well, it's already my home. I have been living here for 16 years. It's such a nice city that I don't want to leave it.-Did you find life difficult here when you first arrived?Emm... I don't remember, because I was very small. But my parents had friends here, so it wasn't very difficult for us.-Were the people friendly?Yes, my parents and I think that people are friendly. But some of them are very... maybe tired. Their faces are a little bit moody.-How long have you been here?As I just said, I've been living here for 16 years.-Is Tatarstan very different from Russia?Yes, people in my country aren't so lazy.. I think most of Russian just sit at home and do nothing.-Has the city changed since you arrived?Yes, many new buildings have been built here, more cars have appeared on the streets.-Do you miss your country?Yes. My grandma lives there and I miss her.-Do you think you will ever go back?No, certainly no. I like St. Petersburg much more than my country. I will just go to my grandma from time to time. Muhamad Abdulahatov,Tajikistan-Why did you come here?Because I couldn’t find a job in my country.-Are you going to make Russia your home?No, of course not. I want to move back.-Did you find life difficult here when you first arrived?No, because when I came here I already knew where I would work and live.-Were the people friendly?I think they were not. They don’t like our nationality.-How long have you been here?I arrived about 17 years ago..-Is your home land very different from Russia?Of course. St. Petersburg is totally different from Tajikistan.-Has the city changed since you arrived?Yes, it became “angry” and people, too.-Do you miss your country?Certainly.-Do you think you will ever go back?Sure. I will go back because I don’t like Russia. Lyudmila Chupina Thank you for your attention.Research done byTatiana DanchenkoElena MakarovaElizaveta Pavlova

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