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BROWN BEARBrown bear, or ordinary bear, is a carnivorous mammal of the bear family, one of the largest and most dangerous of ground-dwelling predators. HabitatBrown bear is a forest animal. In Russia it prefers to live in continuous forests with fallen trees and any places with dense cover of deciduous trees, bushes and herbs; it can be also met in tundra and Alpine meadows.Brown bears can be found almost everywhere: in Russia, in Europe, in Africa, in North America and in Asia. DescriptionBrown bear forms several subspecies, differing in size and color. The smallest specimen are found in Europe, the largest in Alaska and Kamchatka - they weigh more than 500 kg. European brown bear is usually 1.2 to 2 m in length at a height of about 1 m and a weight of from 300 to 400 kg; the Grizzlies are much larger - some individuals, standing on its hind legs, reach a height of 2.8-3 m. Brown bears living in Central Russia, weigh 400-600 kg. As a rule adult males are 8 to 10 % larger than females. The appearance of the brown bear is typical for all representatives of the bear family. Its body is powerful, with high withers; it has heavy head with small ears and eyes. The tail is short - 65-210 mm, slightly evolved from wool. The paws are strong and powerful with large (8-10 cm) curved claws. The fur is long and thick, of one color.Although the pelage of this species is usually dark brown, it can vary from cream to almost black depending on the location of the species. In the Rocky Mountains (USA), they have long hairs on the shoulders and back which are frosted with white. Entirely grayish-white color occurs with brown bears in the Himalayas, and pale reddish-brown - in Syria. FoodBrown bears are at the top of the food chain and have no predators. They will eat almost anything. They are omnivorous and will eat plants and other animals if available. Plants food are their main diet. What they eat depends on what kind of foods are available where they live and the particular season.They like grass, leaves, wild berries, nuts, seeds, fruits, bulbs and tubers. They will also snack on beetles, termite nests, worms, ants, and other insects. They will use the claws on their paws to scrape bark, turn over logs, and disturb dirt mounds to find bugs and other edibles. If available brown bears will hunt for animal prey. They will eat rodents, squirrels, foxes, and other small animals. They have also been known to attack young deer and sheep. Brown bears love fish and are fond of salmon. They are excellent at fishing. In fact each bear has its favorite spot and will try to “reserve” it from other bears. Mother bears bring their cubs to give them a teaching lesson.Brown bears can climb trees to eat or escape predators, but only when they are cubs! As they become adults they become too heavy for climbing. Thank you for your attention!

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