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МБОУ СОШ № 67, Екатеринбург
My School
School is a place where we spend a great amount of time.
I suppose, one of the most important periods of our life is the period of studying at school. It’s actually the whole epoch for schoolchildren: they get major knowledge about outside world, obtain certain skills and get the experience of living in the society. At school we learn to behave according the situation and to cope with difficulties.
Our school is nice. In front of the school you can find a lot of trees, bushes and flowerbeds. Behind the school there is a playground and a football pitch.

My school is a three-storey building. My school is considered to be one of the largest and most progressive ones in our district, so I’m glad to study there. It consists of two buildings, which were recently renovated. One of the buildings is for the pupils aged 7-9 and the second one is for the teens aged 10 to 18. As for me, I have already moved to the second building, but when I was younger I attended the first one. The teaching staff in each building is different. The principal of the school resides in our building, where the teens study. From the outer look our school looks humble. However, the classrooms inside are well-equipped. We even have the electronic boards instead of blackboards in many classrooms. Our building comprises of three floors and has a well-equipped gym.
Also, there are a dressing room, a canteen and a library on the 1st floor. The library is well-stocked with books from the reading list of recommended books for pupils. In our library you can get any book you want. Our librarian is very friendly and is always ready to help us. There you can find an office of a school nurse. There are a lot of classrooms on each floor. They are light, spacious and airy.

Almost all the classrooms are supplied with modern equipment. Almost every week we have some kind of activities: contests, exhibitions, sports competitions, concerts, scientific conferences etc.

All pupils and guests of our school can visit our school museum it. It is worth seeing a big collection of cups, medals and honorary diplomas of our teachers and students. Here you can study the history of our school, the oldest (it is 79 years old) and one of the best schools of our district. There are portraits and personal things of famous people who studied at our school. Among them – Karushin Alexandr Fyodorovich, a Hero of the Soviet Union, the participant of Great Patriotic War, Igor Voznesenskii, ruined in Afghanistan, famous writers, sportsmen, scientists. We are proud of our school-leavers!

It is interesting to notice that there are a lot of old books, copybooks, pupil’s mark-books there. You can also see an old school uniform, a pioneer tie, a bugle and a drum. The leader of museum Cherkasskaya Olga Vladimirovna is a very creative person. She often organizes exhibitions of pupils’ works – paintings, hand-made things. Olga Vladimirovna tells the pupils about our school and carries out different subject contents. There are photos of teachers, who worked in our school many years ago and teachers who work at present time. We come to our school museum again and again! And every time we find there something new and interesting!
Teachers are people, leading us to our life-goals and the subjects we have at school are very important for us. School gives us secondary education and all subjects are essential. To do good at school one should always listen to a teacher at the lesson, do homework and spend 2-3 hours a day, studying independently.
I have a lot of friends among my classmates. We usually spend our free time together after classes.
I consider school years are happy for me.
If I were a teacher at my school, I would make some changes in our school-life.
First of all, I would organize my lessons in an interesting and fascinating way: my pupils would be involved in various creative activities: watching educative movies, using modern equipment, discussing topical issues, having some researches.
I’d like to be patient, attentive to all the students’ opinions. My main aim would be to teach students to be responsible for their deals, to argue if it is necessary, to be able to observe a problem from different points of view. In the school of my dream I would also include more excursions and school trips in the schedule.
We asked our schoolmates to tell about their favourite teachers and subjects and what they would change in our school if they were teachers or a director of the school.
If I were a director of the school…
I haven’t got any favourite subjects. I like them all. At IT we work on computers. At English we write, read stories, learn new words, listen to dialogues and speak English. At History we study the past.
At Music we sing songs and listen to classic and modern music.
At PE we run, play volleyball and basketball. In winter we ski and skate.
If I were a director I would make a swimming pool. I like swimming very much!
My favourite lesson is English. It’s important for me because I want to communicate with people in English. Our teacher tells us many interesting facts from the history and culture of England, America, Australia and other English-speaking countries. Recently we have read about beautiful sights of London, its parks and museums, cathedrals and bridges, customs and traditions of Britain.
If I were a director or a teacher of our school I’d organize a music club, where we could sing every day. And during the breaks all the pupils will be able to sing and dance! I like music!
I like sport. I am for healthy way of life. There is a football section in our school. Our football team is a champion of Russia.
If I were a director I would make a hockey section too, because many of my friends love hockey.
I would`t start every lesson with checking homework. I`d ask children about their health, temper, about their pets for example.
Then, I would make the breaks between lessons longer. The next step is holidays. Summer holidays are long enough but I would make autumn, winter and spring holidays longer to let pupils to spend more time out or to travel.
My favourite school subject is Biology so in my ideal school I would like to have this subject every day. It is a good idea to have more practice and different researches or projects. Sports, Music, Arts should be the main subjects and the teachers have to be friendly, happy and experienced. And they have to be well paid!
If I were a director of the school I would introduce a school uniform, because it creates a beautiful design of a school. Also it is prestigious. In high school, since the tenth form, students should choose which subjects to study in depth. It would be very useful for students, because they would study subjects they would pass exams.
In the school of my dream I would also include more excursions and school trips in the schedule. I think it is very important to travel with classmates and to share impressions. This is the idea of the school of my dream.
Director of the school is a very important and responsible person. He managers and controls the school every day.
The beginning of the school would be at 9:00 am, because 8:00 am is very early for pupils. I would have thought the situation with our the school canteen: each class should eat at certain time, to avoid queues. We should use modern technologies in education. In high school, since the tenth form, students should choose which subjects to study in depth. It would be very useful for students, because they would study subjects they would pass exams. I believe that these changes will benefit the work of the school.
If I were an official of our school I would make a swimming pool, expand a canteen and auditoriums. I would like to organize a music club and hire more workers.
If I were a director of our school I would organize a hockey section and shower room in the sports gym, expand medical office.
If I were a teacher I would try to create such atmosphere, when all students want to get knowledge.
If I were a director or a teacher of our school I would take into consideration all students’ opinions and wishes. Also I would encourage them.

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