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Текстовое содержимое слайдов:

1 $100 2 $200 3 $300 4 $500 6 $2,000 7 $4,000 8 $8,000 9 $16,000 11 $64,000 12 $125,000 13 $250,000 14 $500,000 5 $1,000 10 $32,000 15 $1 MILLION A. the North Pole Question 1 Santa Claus arrives from ... B. Alaska C. Russia D. Africa. $100 A. The door Question 2Santa Clause “comes” to every house through ... B. The window C. The chimney D. The pantry $200 A. A snow girl Question 3 Santa Clause brings ... B. Snow C. Christmas tree D. Presents $300 A. under children` s beds Question 4 Santa Claus puts little presents ... B. into children` s shoes C. into children` s stockings D. under their pillows $500 A. Coal Question 5 What has Frosty the Snowman got as a nose? B. Button C. Carrot D. He hasn’t got a nose!!! $1,000 A. 10 B. 5 C. 8 D. 6 $2,000 A. 8 Question 7 How many reindeer does Santa Have? B. 10 C. 7 D. 9 $4,000 A. Dancer Question 8What is the name of the best known Santa’s reindeer?  B. Rudolf C. Cupid D. Vixen $8,000 A. Expensive Friday Question 9 In the USA, the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season. What is this day also known as? B. Red Friday C. Shop-till-drop Friday D. Black Friday $16,000 A. 1st December B. 6th December D. 24th December $32,000 A. Norway Question 11 The Christmas tree in London's Trafalgar Square is traditionally given to Britain by which country? B. Denmark C. Sweden D. Austria $64,000 A. Make a wish Question 12 According to the tradition what Englishmen usually do under the Mistletoe? B. Kiss C. Hug D. Dream $125,000 A. Queen Elizabeth B. King James VI C. Queen Victoria D. King George II $250,000 A. Charles I B. Prince Rupert of the Rhine C. Oliver Cromwell D. William Laud $500,000 A. C.I.A Question 15 On Christmas Eve, what American government agency tracks Santa's sleigh? B. F.B.I C. NASA D. NORAD $1 MILLION

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