9 класс
КОНКУРС ”English –speaking countries”
- features -famous people
1. What ship did Christopher Columbus command?
a) Pinta b) Nina c) Santa Maria
2. What theory did Isaac Newton create?
a) Theory of gravitation b) Theory of evolution c) Theory of relativity
3) Where was E. Rutherford buried?
a) In Cambridge b) In London c) In Wellington
4. Why did England decide to settle to Australia?
a) There are many prisoners in the country
b) Gold was found there c) It needs new lands
5. What did Graham Bell invent?
a) washing machine b) Vacuum cleaner c) telephone
6. What is the name of the largest coral reef in Australia?
a) Caymans coral reefs b) The Great Barrier Reef c) The Belize Barrier Reef
7. What is the highest waterfall in the United States?
a) Kaieteur Falls b) Niagara Falls c) Yosemite Falls
8. What is the most active volcano in New Zealand?
a) Krakatau b) Fuji c) Ruapehu9. What is the largest lake in SCOTLAND?
a) Loch Lomond b) Loch Ness c) Loch Neath
10. What is the longest river?
a) Severn b) Murray c) Waikato
11. The capital of New Zealand is
a) Melbourne b) Wellington c) Washington
12. The oldest city in Australia is
a) San Francisco b) Sydney c) Hamilton
13. This city is famous for wool textile products
a) Auckland b) New York c) Leeds
14. This city is famous for skyscrapers
a) Auckland b) Chicago c) Liverpool
15. This city is more than two thousand years
a) Auckland b) London c) Washington
16. When did A. Tasman discover New Zealand?
a) 1770 b) 1642 c) 1776
17. When did T. Jefferson write declaration of independence?
a) 1770 b) 1642 c) 1776 d) 1859
18. When did E. Hillary climb Everest?
a) 2001 b) 1642 c) 1938 d) 1953
19. When did C. Darwin publish his theory of evolution?
a) 1859 b) 1642 c) 1938 d) 1953
20. When did m. Thatcher become prime minister?
a) 2001 b) 1979 c) 1938 d) 1953
21. He discovered Australia
a) James Cook b) Christopher Columbus c) Abel Tasman
22. He was the sixteenth president of America
a) George Washington b) Abraham Lincoln c) Thomas Jefferson
23. He wrote “Robinson Crusoe”
a) l.Carrol b) D. Defoe c) C. Doyle
24. He won the Academy award (Oscar) in Gladiator
a) E. Rutherford b) R.Crowe c) E. Hillary
25. He took the 8th place in the list of 100greatest British in2002
a) W. Turner b) Ch. Chaplin c) J. Lennon

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