Мероприятие в рамках декады иностранных языков «Дискуссия на английском языке»
Цели: ведение дискуссии по предложенной теме на английском языке
Задачи: совершенствование навыков работы в группе, развитие навыков спонтанной речи на иностранном языке, воспитание ответственности при выборе будущей профессии.Приветствие ведущих:
1 ведущий: Good afternoon, dear friends!
Glad to see you at our discussion club session!
2 ведущий: Today we’re going to discuss the most urgent questions that are both very important for grown-ups and teenagers!
3 ведущий: There are two teams of students that will demonstrate their ability to have a discussion….
1 ведущий: …be active and polite coming up with ideas
2 ведущий: …trying to persuade the opposite team that they (only they) are right!!!
3 ведущий: Our teams are “BLACKs” and “WHITEs” (applause)
1 ведущий: The jury of the game is our teachers and you, dear audience!
2 ведущий: There is a time – keeper who will follow the time very carefully.
3 ведущий: So, are you ready to start?
(“We don’t need no education”- Pynk Floyd)
1 ведущий: ROUND I
1 ведущий: Education begins a gentleman, conversation completes him.
-We cannot but agree with the words of Dr. Thomas Fuller (слайд 1). Every person needs a good education and we judge people’s education by their actions, words and achievements.
- Yesterday I read one blogger’s words about education in Russia.
Frankly, I am frustrated as the blogger’s words are as follows “THERE IS NO GOOD EDUCATION IN RUSSIA AT ALL” (слайд 2). Is it really so? We are going to discuss it.
It will be your point of view, “BLACKs”!
Your team, “WHITEs”, will persuade them that there is a good education in Russia. Give your arguments and be active and polite.
You’ll have a minute to discuss it in your teams
(1 минута - The time –keeper says: You’ve run out of time)
1 ведущий: Welcome, dear participants, you will start and your team will oppose them.
(Дискуссия по первому вопросу-не более 2-х минут каждой команде)
- My next question is “What is the object of education?” (обсуждение - ответы)
( 1 минута - Хранитель времени сообщает: You have run out of time)
Herbert Spencer  once said that (слайд 3)
Education has for its object the formation of character.
Do you agree?

1 ведущий: The next question of our discussion is “Would you like to change anything in the education system of Russia?” Why? Why not?
( 1 минута-The time-keeper says: You’ve run out of time)
(Ответы команд)
Now the jury will discuss the results of Round I and I suggest you reading two more quotations (слайды 4-5)
Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.G. K. Chesterton 
Only the educated are free.Epictetus1 ведущий: The results of Round I
(Результаты 1-го раунда-жюри, болельщики аплодируют)
2 ведущий: ROUND II (песня о профессиях)
Вопросы залу: So, dear friends, have you chosen your future job yet?-отвечают
Are you going to work your finger to the bone? (to work extremely hard) – отвечают Do you want to learn the rope? (to learn how to do a specific job)– отвечают Will you be able to pull your own weight? (to do your share of the work) - отвечают 2 ведущий: Now I suggest the teams discussing the next item: Your successful job career depends on a good education. The “WHITEs” will support this idea, while the “BLACKs” will oppose it.
(1 минута-The time-keeper says: You have run out of time)
2 ведущий: Now I’d like to offer you some quotations. Explain them and tell us if agree or disagree with them. The “BLACKs” will start
All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind. (слайд 6)
AristotleNow it is your turn (WHITEs)
Get happiness out of your work or you may never know what happiness is. (слайд 7)
Elbert Hubbard 
(Вопросы - ответы команд - не более 2-х минут)
Результаты 2-го раунда-жюри (болельщики аплодируют)
Результаты всей игры.

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