Кроссворд на английском языке по теме «Спорт»

1 2 3 9 11 4 10 5 6 8 12 13 7 14 5429250Crossword “Sports”
Crossword “Sports”

2. It’s a kind of sports for mostly rich people.
5. A champion gets a____________.
6. The queen of all sports.
7. It’s an action sport with riding and performing tricks on a special board.
9. You need them for sliding on ice.
10. Each football ________ lasts 45 minutes.
12. The place where the Olympic Games began.
14. Maria Sharapova plays __________ very well.
1. Russian president’s favourite sport.
3. A popular game played by two teams of 11 players.
4. It is a sport performing exercises showing physical strength, flexibility, power, grace, balance and coordination.
8. Muhammad Ali is a famous __________.
9. It’s a water sport.
11. The town of the last winter Olympic Games.
13. A popular team game played on the ice.
1J U D 2G O L F3 O O 9S K A T E 11S 4G T W O Y B 10T I M E C 5M E D A L M H N L M I 6A T H L E T I C S S N T 8B 12 G R E E C E I O C X 13H 7S K A T E B O A R D I N G
R C K 14 T E N N I S Y

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