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Erken-Shakhar Secondary School
“Stories from the Past”
Alina Eseneeva
Form 10
I’d like to say a few words about my relatives. My grand grandfather, whose name was Kubra Janbidaev, had 3 daughters: Krimhan, Murathan and Djanethan. They were born in Erken-Khalk in 30 years last century. But their mother died when they were children. He had grown them up alone. The elder sister Krimhan was like a mother for two others.
When she finished 7 classes she leaved for teacher’s courses and after it to the teachers training institute.
She worked in the institute of Karachayevsk. Her younger sisters finished the same courses and became teachers at schools. One of them was my grandmother, who was teacher of a primary school.
Krimhan Kubrayevna had taught young students for many years, besides it, she was written a lot of scientific works and articles. She has many achievements in the grammar of nogay language. Her methodological aids in grammar are used by school teachers of native language nowadays.
I feel proud of her and I will never forget her.

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