Сценарий «AВС PARTY»

Цель:показать, что учащиеся усвоили за первый год обучения; повышение интереса к изучению иностранного языка, развитие художественных способностей, чувства коллективизма, взаимовыручки, развить кругозор учащихся и эстетическое наслаждение.
Teacher: Good morning, dear boys and girls! Now we begin our party. Firstly, we want to see if all the letters-guests of the alphabet are here. You are welcome, letters!
( 26 ребят с буквами выходят в центр зала и рассказывают стихи)
A is for Apples and Apple-trees.
You can see apples on apple-trees.
B is for Books and for Bookcase.
I have many books in my bookcase.
C is for Cat. My cat is grey.
And with me it likes to play.
D is for Dog and for Doggy.
I have a dog, not a doggy.
E is for Eight and for Eleven.
How much is eight and eleven?
F is for Flowers: red and blue,
White and yellow and rosy, too.G
G is for Girl, and also for Garden.
I see a girl going to the garden.
H is for Hand. I have two hands.
This is the way I clap my hands.
I is for I. I'm a boy, and I'm ten.
I like to play with my brother Ben.
J is for Jam. This is apple jam.
Jimmy likes it, and so does Sam.
K is for Kite. Kate has a kite.
It is little,and it is white.
L is for Letter. This letter is for me.
It is from my sister, as you can see.
M is for May and for May Day,
For March and for Morther's Day.N
N is for Nine, Ninety and Ninety-nine.
Children, how much is ninety and nine?
O is for One. One and two is three.
Three little cats are in a tree.
P is for Pencil. With them I can draw:
A red pen, a green tree or a blue door.Q
Q is for Questions: how are you?
How old are you? And How do you do?
R is for Red. Many things are red.
What can be red? Do you know Fred?
S is for Street. This is my street.
There are a lot of trees in my street.
T is for Tick and for Tock.
“ Tick-tock”, says the clock.
U is for Under, but not for At.
“ I'm under the tree”, says Pat.
V is in Five and also in Seven,
It is in Twelve and in Eleven.
W is for Winter when it is cold.
But I like winter and I like cold.
X is in Six. Let's count up to six!
One, two, three, four, five, six!
Y is for Yard where children play.
They play in the yard every day.
Z is for the Zoo. Let's go to the Zoo.
I like to go to the Zoo. And you?Teacher: Thank you! Sit down, please! Now let me see if you know the ABC. Look at
this and say what letters are missing.
Детям дают буквы с алфавитом и они должны правильно вставить пропущенные буквы.
Детям дают карточки с алфавитом и они должны разложить их в нужном порядке.
Teacher: I see that you know the ABC, but can you count in english( Выходят несколько учеников и считают от 1 до 10 и обратно.)
Teacher: Thank you! You can count well! And now let's go to a Fairy-tale.
( Дети показывают сказку « Теремок».)
Teacher: Thank you for your wonderful tale. Let's play again.
(Условие: дети выполняют команды только после того, как услышат слова: Ben says.)
--- Ben says: Stand up!
--- Ben says: Close your eyes!
--- Open your eyes!
--- Ben says: Sit down!
--- Hands up!
--- Ben says: Clap your hands!
--- Ben says: Bend left!
--- Bend right!
--- Ben says: Stand up!
--- Ben says: Hands on the hips!
--- Sit down!
--- Ben says: Sit down!
Teacher: That's good! Let me see which of you know colours.
(Игра:съедобное-несъедобное. Если дети слышат съедобную вещь, то они встают, а если несъедобное, то сидят.)-----chocolate, pizza, bed, apple, cat, book, banana, spagetti, snake, egg, house, mouse, orange, cake, juice, glass, box, chips, dog, flag, lamp, milk, rabbit, chick, umbrella, sheep, cheese, table, fish.
Teacher: Well done! But I want to know which of you knows the names of the colours. Before Crossword Puzzles, some pupils want to recite poems about colours.
It is pink.
It is brown.
I stand up
And I sit down.
I am a girl,
A little one.I like to sing,
I like to run.
Spring is green.
Summer is bright.
Autumn is yellow.
Winter is white.
My dog is black.
My cat is black.
I like my dog.
I like my cat.
What is grey?
Can you say?
Yes, I can.
The mouse is grey.
White sheep, white sheep
On a blue hill,
When the wind stops
You all stand still.
The snow is falling,
The wind is blowing;
The ground is white,
All day and all night.Butterfly, butterfly
Where do you fly?
So quick and so high
In the blue, blue sky.
Supper's in the evening
When the sky is red,
Then the day is over
And we go to bed.
Teacher: Thank you! And now Crossword Puzzles.
---We've finished our party. Thanks for your participation. I hope you liked it. Bye-bye.

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