презентация на английском языке «Птицы Курганской области, занесённые в Красную книгу»

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 Teacher: S.V. BochkarevaKurgan, Gymnasium 19The birds from the Red Book of Kurgan regionMade by Tokpiseva Anastasiaand Bushukina Diana (6D)http://spotlight-in-russia.blogspot.ru/2016/02/the-birds-from-red-book-of-kurgan-region_17.html

Kurgan regionThe Sterkh

style.rotationppt_wppt_y This bird is a rare species. It was written into the Red books of Russia and Kurgan region.Description: the Sterkh is a big bird. It has a long neck and long legs. Its wings are white. Its beak and legs are red. The White crane can “sing”: “Kurl…kurl…”.Its habitat: the Sterkh lives in Yakutia and at the banks of the Ob river. In Kurgan region we can find these birds in Zverinogolovsky, Dolmatovsky and Tselinnay districts. The number of these birds is becoming less. Today in Kurgan region we can find only 11 birds, it is very little.Ecology: it makes its nests at the lakes, marshes and so on. Sometimes grown-ups can kill young birds.The White Crane eats berries, molluscs, and insects and so on. Poachers and hunters kill these wonderful birds. The White Crane

The Small tundra swanDescription: It looks like an ordinary swan, but its neck and beak are smaller. The Small tundra swan has got a yellow spot on his beak. We can see this swan in Kurgan region during its migration period. It’s a rare species.Its habitat: it lives in the tundra zone, sometimes in the forest-tundra zone. In autumn the birds live along the Arctic coast in the west.The cause of its disappearing: the number of swans is becoming less, because of the activity of poachers.

The Pink PelicanKurgan region

The Pink pelican Description: People found it in Kurgan region in 2012 at the first time. It is white, and it has got an ochre-yellow spot on its chest. Its legs and the skin around its eyes are pink. Its weigh is usually 10 or 11 kilos. Its habitat: you can see the Pink Pelican in Vargashi district (the Lake Bolshoe Maniyas).. The number of these birds: in 2012 there were only 20 couples of the Pink pelican in Kurgan region.Protection: Vargashi reserve is the territory where the pelicans are protected.The Pink pelican was written into the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

style.rotation People! Protect us!We are your friends!
style.rotationstyle.rotationppt_yppt_yppt_y Come to Kurgan region!And you will see many wonderful birds there!
The list of literature1. Красная Книга Курганской области. Издание 2-е. – Курган, Изд-во Курганского госуниверситета, 2012. 2. The Materials from the site http://animalreader.ru

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