Литературное творчество учащихся (Английский язык): учитель: Бочкарёва СВ, Курган, МБОУ «Гимназия №19»

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Рассказы учащихся ( Салехард, 2009) LITERARY PAGE Just a story: “A wonderful day”. Having come home at 12 o’clock in the evening, Katrina went to bed, although her homework had not been done yet. The next day she woke up and went to the kitchen, where Katrina began to cook her breakfast a nd her eyes were closed. Only having felt nice smell, she opened her eyes. There were marvelous cakes on the table! During some seconds she could not move, because she was amazed very much. Her father said: “If your mother cooks a tasty dish, I feel happy during the whole day!” Katrina ate one cake. It was wonderful! Having eaten three cakes, she washed, dressed herself and went to school. The first lesson was Algebra. The teacher opened the register and looked at the pupils. Nobody breathed and their eyes were put down into their copybooks. - Katrina Bolshakova! Go to the blackboard! His words were a mortal verdict for Katrina, because she didn’t know the new material. But pushed by friends she went to the blackboard. - Write down the next task, and the teach er began to tell her about it. - I’m not ready… - whispered Katrina. The teacher smiled and said: - It’s not important. You will be able to answer at the next lesson. Katrina could not believe. “Maybe it is the first day of April, isn’t it?” She looked at her classmates, but they were not surprised, too. The next lesson she answered that she was not ready again. And nobody gave her a bad mark. “This day is the best day in my life, - thought Katrina, going home, - and the strangest day, too. It’s not my gymnasi um! Usually teachers are not kind and if you want to study here, you’ll have to learn and learn and learn very hard.” In the evening she was not doing homework. And the next day Katrina went to school knowing nothing again. But when she was asked on Biolog y and answered, that she had not been ready, she got “2”. Katrina could not say anything and sat down at her place. When she told her classmates about the previous day, nobody believed her. Since that day Katrina has been studying very well. And she often remembers that day, but can’t understand anything. May it was a miracle, who knows….. Melikhova Helen 10 A (11a) LIMERICKS There was a boy, who was ugly, There was a little puppy, His name was Maugly. It was born on a funny party. He lived in old York, It was very, very little, Where lived an old c ock, It can be hidden in a needle. And that cock ate the boy of Maugly. But now he’s become so huge! TRISHINA JULIYA 7A KHABAROVA VERA 7 A There was a black - black cat. There once lived the girl, called Ann. It was very, very sad. She had brother Ben. One boy tried Ann liked Ben, To make it cry. Ben liked Ann. But the cat became white and bad. Once Ann killed Ben! It was a terrible end! KHORKOVA VIC 7 A MAKAROV YAN 7 A 2 R. L. STIVENSON NOVOZHILOVA JULIYA 7A Windy nights Ветреная ночь Wherever the moon and stars are set . Всякий раз, когда звёзды на небо выходят, Wherever the wind is high , Всякий раз, когда ветер летит свысока, All night long in the dark and wet , Вся ночь во тьме и сырости стонет, a man goes riding by. скачет всадник, в пути подгоняя коня. Late in the night when the fires are out, Поздней ночью , когда огни остаются вдали , Why does he gallop and gallop about. почему же он скачет галопом? Смотри! Wherever the trees are crying aloud , И послушай: деревья так громко кричат, And ships are tossed at sea. ко рабли в далёкую гавань спешат! By on the highway, low and loud, По Большой дороге – длинной и широкой By at the gallop goes he. скачет он так быстро, всадник одинокий… By at the gallop he go es and then Галопом он скачет , и потом … By he comes back at the gallop again. вернётся всадник в родную страну…. I AM DRREAMING, LOOKING AT THE PICTURE) One day, when I go to school, I saw a wonder ful picture. The day was frosty and snowy. I was going to school, and I was hungry, suddenly I raised my head and saw a small ordinary park. But at that moment it was unusual and even magic. There was a snowy “cap” on the trees, and it was like white c ream on the cake. And a little bird was like a decoration on the cake. I was standing and looking at the wonderful picture and began to dream… But then I heard the sound of the bus and ran to it… USTY UGOVA JULIYA 7 A One day it was raining, I stayed at home and looked through the window. My mood was sad, because at that moment I wanted to walk in the forest and swim in the river. But suddenly nature wake up, birds began to sing, trees began to whisper something to me. And the sun came up again. I ran out, the grass was bright after the rain. I ran to the field, which was near my house. In the field I was danc ing and my eyes were closed. Then I opened my eyes and wondered – some animals appeared from the forest and looked at me. What were they thinking about? Who knows? I stopped my dancing and go home, but the music of the field was in my head…. NOVOZHILOVA JULIYA 7A OUR FRIENDS I think a lot of peop le have friends. But sometimes they don’t know if their friends are true ones or not. As for me, I am lucky, because I have a true friend. SHE doesn’t look like an ordinary friend. SHE is small, but SHE is the cleverest PERSON in the world. IT is a book. I T always helps me in difficult moments of my life. Of course, some people can say, that it’s impossible to have a FRIEND - BOOK, but I think that books sometimes can help us more than people. Also books don’t tell a lie. I feel myself happy, when I read a bo ok. I think everybody can choose his own friend, a friend whom he wants or needs. And I have chosen my friend, and I think IT is the best one in the world! 3 USTYUGOVA JULIYA (7 A) What does friendship look like? When we are little, sometimes we think that our friends must give us sweets and other tasty things. But them we become older and understand that a true friend should help you when you have difficult time in your life. I have such friend! Her name is Dina. She has long black straight hair, big brown eyes, pink lips and a slim figure. Dina likes to wear things of different colors. But I think her friendly appearance doesn’t suit her character. She is, serious, generous, shy, but sometimes Dina can be bossy and bad - tempered. Also she can tell a lie and argue. What else? Dina likes to copy exercises from my copybooks on different subjects. But nevertheless Dina is my friend and I love her! I met Dina at the first time in ou r kinder garden. You can ask me: “Is Dina your real friend?” And I shall answer, that I don’t know. Of course, sometimes we quarrel, b u t then we are friends again! I would like to wish you to have a friend, and your life will be happier! NOVOZHILOVA JULIYA (7 A)

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