Презентация на английском языке «История Салехарда»: учитель: Бочкарёва СВ, Курган, МБОУ «Гимназия №19»

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Хабарова Вера ( 10 А, Салехард, 2009 ) The history of Salekhard In 2005 Salekhard celebrated its 410 th anniversary . Four centuries have passed since the Far North of Western Siberia joined the Russian State . Salekhard ( Obdorsk before 1933 ) was the northern outpost of Russian colonization at the territories near the Ural from the end of the XVI th till the beginning of the XX th century . It’s geographical location and unique natural resources madeObdorsk the centre of trade and business at the territories near the Ural .... … . It was a transit point , a customs point at the territories “ Pomorie ” and the northern territories near the Ural, the territories of the European and Asian parts of Russia . Almost all of Siberian furs passed through Obdorsk . In the XIXth century Obdorsk was developed with the help of trade and business capital . Since the beginning of regular steamer traffic on the Ob fishing, trapping and reindeer – breeding became the principal branches of its economy . Industrial boom in the 60 s of the XX th century followed the exploration of rich oil and gas deposits in the territory of Yamal region . It influenced the region’s development, that changed the appearance and life rhythm of the old towns and . In the 70 - 80 s Salekhard became the center of oil and gas industry, a strategic base of Russian economic growth . Since the second half of the 90 s the demographic situation in the town has been improved . Thanks to economic financial oil and gas complex, modern equipment for medical care has been purchased . In 2002 the general plan of Salekhard development was adopted. Nowadays 160 square meters of housing have already been built, it lets many families improve their lives. In 2004 two special houses for elderly people were built. . Today Salekhard is a centre of an ‘oil and gas’ region, one of the main regions of Russian economy . Its prospects depend on the development of transport infrastructure, exploitation of gas and oil fields and other natural recourses in the Polar Ural . , development of power engineering, the successes of modern chemistry .

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