Страница Красной книги Ямала: Белый журавль (на английском языке)

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This bird is a rare species in Yamal. It’s was written in the Red books of Russia and Yamal. Description: sterkh is a big bird. It has a long neck and long legs. It’s bigger than the Northern crane. Its wings are white colour. Sometimes its neck and head are red colour. White crane can “sing” (kurl…kurl…) Its habitat: it lives in tundra of Yakutiya. It makes its nests in tundra in the south of the Baidarskay Inlet. Its wintering is at the Caspian Sea. The number of these birds at beginning of the 20th century became less. Ecology: it makes its nests at the lakes, marshes and so on. Sometimes elder grown-up can kill the young birds. A white crane eats berries, molluscs, and insects and so on. Many hunters kill birds. Poachers often kill birds in Iran, Pakistan and Afganistan. Hunting these birds must be prohibited! People must protect and save these birds. Nastya Ayupova (6A, 2010)

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