Презентация Passive Voice

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PASSIVE VOICE to be + V3 form PRESENT am is V3 form are PAST was were V3 form FUTURE will be V3 form Present Active Voice Mother waters the flowers every day. Present Passive Voice The flowers are watered (by mother) every day. Compare Present Active Voice We grow plants in the garden. Present Passive Voice The plants are grown by us. Compare Past Active Voice He washed the car. Past Passive Voice The car was washed by him. Compare Past Active Voice They showed a lot of films. Past Passive Voice A lot of films were shown by them. Compare Future Active Voice I will write a letter to my friends. Future Passive Voice The letter will be written by me. Compare Mind the III form ! go – spend– build- drink – buy- gone spent built drunk bought Mind the III form ! bring – keep – draw- leave – break - brought kept drawn left broken Mr.Black was a famous tailor in the city. His clothes were sold in all shops. The wall is painted with a wide brush . My father draws the pictures. The pictures are nice and lovely. A lot of pictures are drawn by my father. Make up the sentences. Bread were sold. The UK is eaten. Books are baked. Cakes is washed by the Atlantic. Correct the sentences: The vegetables am grow. Last week Tom is driven to London. 3.The bridges was built last week. are was were Fill in the correct form of the verb1. The salad … yesterday. (cook)2. The newspapers … every morning . (bring)3. The table … in the cafe. (serve)4.The dolls … in a week. (buy)5.The pupils … to the cinema yesterday.(take) was cooked are brought is served will be bought were taken Fill in the correct form of the verb1. The poems … poet. (write)2. The bus… driver. (drive)3. The soup … my mother. (cook)4. The hair … scissors. (cut) are written by was driven by was cooked by was cut with Make Active Passive 1. Mary was walking out with her dog. 2. I repair my car every year. 3. The boy planted an orange tree. 4. He will tell us a fairy tail . The dog was walked out by Mary. My car is repaired by me every year. The orange tree was planted by the boy. The fairy tail will be told us by him.

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