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The USA play
(Narrator) The USA is the fourth largest country in the world. It is situated in the southern part in of the North America. It is washed by the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. The USA consists of 50 states. The population of the country is 315 million.
Today is March 2083, we invented a “time machine”, and now here is a meeting of historical characters. Immortal senators of different generations came to our meeting today to share their experience and interesting histories with us. Today we will talk about state holidays. It was proposed from the party of Left to review the state holidays. The issues of discussion – “Columbus Day”.
Now let’s greet a grandson of Christopher Columbus. Senator Columbus, please!!!
(grandson)-Americans celebrate “Columbus day” on the second Monday in October. Christopher Columbus is a discoverer of America. There are only some facts about him: he was born in Italy in 1451. He was fond of sea and dreamed about voyages. He wanted to reach the East. The king and the queen of Spain gave him some money for the trip. For his first voyage, Christopher Columbus had three ships: the Pinia, the Nina, the Sante Maria. There were 87 sailors on board the ships. It was in 1492. When the ships landed, the sailors were greeted by strange people without clothes. As Christopher Columbus thought he had landed on an island in the India near Japan or China he called these natives Indians.
(Indian 1) – Most Native Americans were very peaceful and friendly. They believed in many gods and thought that gods lived in trees, stones, water and fire; They believed that their gods could bring success in hunting, farming and fishing. Their songs and poems are very important part of their traditions as they help them and keep their history and culture alive
(Indian 2)Another famous tradition was smoking of a peace pipe: When they smoked this pipe together with people they didn’t know, it meant friendship & peace. Many years ago, Native American tribes lived in all parts of the USA, but now most of them live in poor lands to the west of the Mississippi River. Many live on “reservation”.
Now let’s vote! Who is against that and who is for, to cancel “Columbus Day”?
With one voice we decided to keep the tradition unchangeable.
(Indian 3) The first English settlements appeared in America the Beginning of the 17th century In July 1620 some religious people, the Puritans, sailed in the “Mayflower and the Speedwell”. But only the Mayflower with 102 English people reached America on the 6th of September they wanted to start a new life and to have no problems with the church. They set up a colony and called that “New England”.
(Narrator) It was proposed to celebrate escape “The Flag Day” “The Day of National Symbols”. And now let’s hear another argument.
(Senator 4) The American flag is often called “The Stars & Stripes”. There are three colors on the flag of the USA – red , white and blue. There are fifty stars on the American flag: one star for each state.
The American flag has 13 stripes. The stripes are red and white. The flag has seven red stripes and six white stripes. There is a one stripe for each of the first thirteen colonies of the USA. It was raised on the second of January, 1776 in Cambridge Massachusetts for the first time. Now American people should display the flag only furring the day and they should fold it in a special way Americans are proud of their flag and display it in many places. They celebrate “Flag Day” on the 14th of June.
(Senator 5) The other symbol of the USA is the Statue of Liberty. We can see it at the entrance to New York Harbor. It’s 46 meters high not counting the pedestal it stands on. The pedestal itself is also about 46 meters.
The hollow in the crown on the head of the Statue of Liberty is so large that people can stand in it. This Statue was designed by Bartholds, a French sculptor who worked ten years at it. Then the statue was taken to pieces and shipped across the Atlantic as a gift from the French Government to the USA in 1884 as a symbol of friendship.
(Senator 6) The eagle becomes the official national symbol of the country in 1782. It has an olive branch ( a symbol of peace) arrows ( symbols of strength). We can see the eagle on the back of a dollars bill. The official song of the USA is called “The star-Spangled Banner”.
(Narrator) Now let us vote again. Who is against that and who is for, to celebrate “The Day of National Symbols”?
All Senators are against to celebrate new holidays. And our country will celebrate “Flag Day” like hundreds years ago!
However, it proposed from the party of Left to change the capital from Washington to New York. So, we are ready to listen their arguments.
(Senator 7) As you know, Washington is the capital of the USA. It is situated in the District of Colombia. Washington named after the first US President George Washington. He selected the place for the capital and Pierre L’Enfant, a French engineer, designed the city.
Washington the first settled in 1790. Washington is one of the most beautiful and unusual cities in the US.
(Senator 8) There are many government offices there. It is the White House the official residence of the US President. He works in the Oval office. There we can see the Red Room, the Blue Room and the Green Room, which have some fantastic old furniture. In the center of Washington there is the Capitol which is full of paintings and statues. Not far from the Capitol is the Library of Congress, the largest library in the States.
The most impressive and the best-known monuments are the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. There are no skyscrapers in Washington. But New York is a city of skyscrapers.
(Senator 9) New York is situated in the harbor of the Hudson River. In 1626, the Dutch Trade Company bought Manhattan Island from the local Indians for 24 dollars. Here the Dutch founded there colony and gave it the first name New Amsterdam. 40 years later then the English flect entered the harbor captured the city and renamed it New York.
Manhattan the smallest island in New York is the real centre of the city. The nickname of New York is the “Big Apple”.
The Wall Street in Manhattan is the financial heart of the USA and the most important banking centre in the world.
(Senator 10) New York is a city of skyscrapers those are large , high buildings is the Rockefeller Centre. One of the highest buildings in New York was The World Trade Centre (The Twins). On the 11-th of September it was attacked by the terrorists plane and was destroyed.
New York is often called the cultural capital of the USA. The city has the metropolitan, Museum of Modern Art, The Lincoln Art Centre.
Broadway is the symbol of American theatre as a Hollywood is of cinema.
(Narrator) Dear Senators, it is time to vote. We need to decide what will be the capital of our country. As we can see, it is still Washington.
So, at today meeting of the Senators we have come to a unified solution of various issues. We don’t need new holidays and the capital should stay the same.
Just remembering the past of America, we can argue that, students really know our history.
We thank the students of our school for their invention – time machine.

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