Лексические тесты к четырём разделам УМК «Английский язык» для IX класса школ с углублённым изучением английского языка О.В. Афанасьевой, И.В. Михеевой: разработчик: Бочкарёва СВ, Курган, МБОУ «Гимназия №19»

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Лексические тесты к УМК ©Английский языкª для IX класса школ с углублённым изучением английского языка О.В. Аф а нась е вой, И.В. Михеевой (составитель : Бочкарёва С.В.) 1. LEXICAL TEST (2 четверть) treaties negotiations inherit violated se t tle aim generations comprises lasting eliminate tensions unite deal civil coope r ate People all over the world have always aspired to a … A1 … peace. The situation in the world is very dramatic nowadays. Many countries try to … A2 …. or unite e f forts with other counties . The main … A3 …. is to keep internatio nal peace and secur i ty. Everyone understands that it will be better to …. A4 … weapons of mass destruction. We must save …. A5 …. to come from the horrors of the war! We must think about the things which people in f u- ture will ….. A6 …. a f ter us! Of course, we t ry to solve our problems in a peaceful way. So we hold international meetings, conferences and … A7 …. on the problem of war and peace. These events help us to … . A8 … local co n- flicts and take steps to ease world … A 9 …. . There is a special international organi zation ‬ it‱s the United Nation Organization, which …. A10 …. 185 member states today. This organization encourage s countries to work t o gether to … A11 … with international problems. There are many international … A12 …. which are signed by the governments of good will. They help us to … A13 …. and fight against terrorism together. But our home policy is a very important thing too. The Government of every cou n try must protect the … A14 … rights and liberties of its citizens. Also there are special i n tern a tional laws wh ich protect people if their rights are … A15 … . So both our home and foreign affairs are connected with each other. Let‱s remember about it. 2. LEXICAL TEST ( 3 четверть ) goodness get over rejected inferiority self - esteem embarrass rebellious lifelong altitude co m promise treated cynical When you are a teen, you can have some difficulties because of your age. For example, there are school and family problems. Teenagers are usually … 1 … people. They protest against be ing …. 2 …. like children. At the same time they are afraid of being lonely and … 3 … . And some teens become …. 4 …. or over - ambitious. They … 5 … their parents by outrageous beha v ior. But, of course, teens are different. Some of them have high … 6 ….; the others l ose self - confidence and develop … 7 …. complexes. Life makes them solve their problems. So teens have to learn to … 8 …, r e spect other people and their points of view. It‱s rather important for teens to … 9 … their complexes, not to think too much about their l ooks, but to concentrate on really u r gent things like the … 10 … of character . Teens should develop positive … 1 1 … to life and people. It will help them to find … 1 2 … friends. Teens should understand one great thing ‬ they can make their life themselves! 3 . LEXICAL TEST © RUSSIAN PEOPLE ª contributed listed achievements colonels costs subsequent a m munition troops established benefit contemporaries ca p tured declared determination casua l tie s Russia is a country of great opportunities and … 1 … . Russian people have already … 2 … a lot of wonderf ul things for … 3 … generations. B ut the main thing is Russian character. People of our country are very kind and noble. They a l- ways help their … 4 … , when they have serious problems. For example, now a days we can see the results of the great flood in the Far E ast. People from all Russian towns and villages try to do ever y thing possible to help their countrymen. People from Yamal have already … 5 … mo n ey, clothing and other things to the families , who live in the Far East. Many musicians org a nized … 6 … concerts to raise money for them. Лексические тесты к УМК ©Английский языкª для IX класса школ с углублённым изучением английского языка О.В. Аф а нась е вой, И.В. Михеевой (составитель : Бочкарёва С.В.) I am sure , that Russian character helped people to win during many wars! Any war is always a bloody thing. It always … 7 … the lives of many people. All countries suffer heavy … 8 …. If any a r my wants to win, it must have good military equ ipment and the newest … 9 .. . But the main is pe o ple! For example, let‱s speak about the Great Patriotic War. When Germany attacked Russia in 1941 , it hadn‱t even … 10 … the war on our country! Our … 1 1 … repelled enemy‱s attacks very well. But the fa s- cists bomb ed Russian towns and villages, they killed our soldiers and … 12 … them! Many people were wounded, injured and killed. Many of them were … 13 … as missing in military actions. Nevertheless, Russian soldiers, generals, captains … 14 … and lieute n ants showed great courage and … 15 … to win! They loved their country very much! That is why, Russia won the vi c tory in that te r- rible war! 4. LEXICAL TEST (4 четверть) in - laws convenience court unite raise kinsfolk ancestors praise punish descendants fiancée divorce render reject If we speak about a family we should start from our history, from our …A 1 … , because we must always remember about them! Then it‱s necessary to say that our activities (during our life) influence the things which we will keep for our … A2 … (people of future generations). Let‱s speak about families upon the whole. A family is a group of people who are related to each other by blood. A wider group of relatives is known as … A 3 … . They are not only parents and siblings , but also grandparents , aunts, uncles and soon. Of course, the new relatives can appear after marriages, so they are relatives … A4 … . Marriages are made in heaven, but occur on earth. This process includes some things, for exa m- ple, first, people fall in love with each other, and then men begin to … A 5 … girls and women. Of course, ladies can … A 6 … . men‱s proposal or agree to be a … A 7 … . But not all marriages are marriages of love. We can also say about marriages of … A 8 … or marr y- ing for money. Some couples sign a marriage contract, which helps some of them after … A 9 …. A fter couples have their first - born child, they become parents and try to … A 10 … their kids. They spend a lot of time with their children and never forget to … A 11 … them when they deserve it. Of course, sometimes they should …A 12 … their children . But good parents try to do it in a right way. As for kids, they should … A 13 … any possible help to their parents, take part in all sorts of activ i- ties which can … A 14 … their families, discuss all the problems together. Every family is a cell of our society! Let‱s remember about this fact!

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