Эссе на тему «Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition.»

Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition.Nowadays humankind is going throw the age of information and high technologies. In these conditions people cannot go without analysis and logical reasoning in solving their problems. However, sometimes they have to make a decision following their instinct or intuition. Now I would like to express my point of view on this problem.
I support the idea that intuition is one of the main functions of the human mind alone with thinking. To begin with, intuition can help a person in critical situations when there is no time to think consequentially. Moreover, critical thinking limits the area of potential solutions and shackles the imagination. On the contrary, intuition is a means of creative self-expression and amazing source of constructive power.
But there are people who think that it is rashly and riskily to rely on instinct. In their opinion, only considered actions can lead to right decision-making. Besides, critical thinking is essential to both effective learning and productive living. Future jobs will be displaced by new technologies. Now students have to learn how to think critically, so that they can become more marketable.
I do not share the above-given view. Firstly, very often people make unexpected solutions which can completely change their fate. Secondly, there are many areas of life where intuition and imagination play a leading role, for example, music, art, theatre.
In conclusion, I should say: it is important to keep balance between heart and head. In such reason a person will have the ability to maximize his potential. All in all, it is up to everybody to decide whether to listen to his heart or head.

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