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Some people think that watching movies is beneficial to everybody.
In today’s world of cinematography, there are more and more producers who make new films. Some people think that watching movies is a good activity but others claim it is harmful. Let us consider who is right?
To begin with, not every movie is worth seeing, because some films have scenes of bloody fights which are harmful for our nervous system. Besides, it is bad for people to spend a lot of time watching movies because it hurts their health, they become lazy, put on their weight and have no time to do sports.
However, there are people who think the opposite. They consider that it is better to see a film version of the book. Moreover, there are a lot of educational films, where a person can learn something new. In addition, they think, a good interesting film can help people forget about all their troubles.
But I cannot agree with them. Firstly, the rational thinking recedes into the background and it seems that it will be the same in a real life. People stop looking for problem-solving, expecting that everything will be resolved by itself the best way. Secondly, television takes a lot of time. People waste hours in front of TV. It would be more useful to spend this time walking, playing or reading.
In conclusion, I should say lots of my friends are fond of watching films but I prefer doing sports, playing outdoor games and taking part in different sport competitions. I think watching movies is a waste of time for lazy people.

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